Rainbow Hair and jitterbuglove

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

While wandering the virtual pages of deviantART this week, user jitterbuglove caught my attention with a portrait piece that had a beautiful combination of different tools.  The artist used Yasutomo watercolors, Prismacolor pencils & markers, whiter acrylic, and rubber alphabet stamps (the most surprising tool in my opinion) to make a portrait that I found gorgeous and just a little bit disturbing.  Half of the face is natural in its colors, normal skin tone, eye color and hair, but not completely without whimsy with colorful bows in the hair that look like they spilled over from the other side of the face’s rainbow color.  This half of the portrait is very Alice in Wonderland-ish, especially the swirling green eye.  My favorite part of the artwork is the way all this color pops against the black and white background.  The artist says in the description below the picture that the stamps were used to make the words, but to get the final version with the white letters on a black background photoshop was used to invert the colors. Check out this and a few other cool portraits from this deviantARTIST.




photo-1Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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