Modern Street Ninja Gear!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

It’s no secret that I love boots, so my friends often tell me about sales and things of that nature.  A good friend of mine recently brought the clothing website Verillas to my attention, and I have to tell you BTs, I fell in love.  While the clothing is very expensive, once you see the collections you’ll understand why.  If you’ve ever been a fan of anime shows, cosplay, or just wanted to walk around like an urban ninja badass, these clothes are for you.  I’ll admit, I don’t really see a lot of fashionistas dying to have these items in their wardrobe. Verillas’ clothing feels like it’s been pulled out of a fantasy world for their shoppers.  Because of the zoom function on their images it was a little difficult to copy pics of the clothes, I only mention it so you all know how determined I was for you BTs.

XQVsI8cTUaZoe9EdobwzCBZ9iAw0GlU51c5DotI2CWQ__11587.1370400113.332.500 P7ZL3gwSjmQ0wijIR3nHX_zgT_2ZgCclTV_3hAGJikE__27105.1370400113.332.500 kwpJ8gHUVhOi8geTfGgGfHdfWl2nHAF_b9gLvtrsjMA__55831.1370400110.332.500 b15R4uKa3cfgCoYVuaa_K6aLHQ9Jvm4SOzBAblxQgIE__18210.1370400110.332.500 1yb2YPPpFTFsH7HIJFM4RQqKpbPRRFjrqRWbgJs7B9A__14578.1370400111.332.500oqm_8iz5eydkhXTISMnqOyuL1bo_NFqMnq8CFEUtEOY__69027.1375228736.332.500 BdqgAGzo7HO_ixNtWytGUTEjHpRCCtwk_pMObHv_goo__63136.1375228736.332.500 5yLPg9HlZaDRtkgyGa4alRknzIw6MN1G0fl_oD11WoI__84896.1375228735.332.500wSVVlDDicBMhMnuUK81R4VQWXrFN0LoqKzvc5SI4thU__26874.1374610767.332.500 3X3BCHas1loIpS9kKa_2h_FQJlq_psUcHzDO3c2crY__59130.1374610766.332.5006DkhvaNSIMUTArBDy_0TK6WJ10X_GTgfShWCuN3bX3Q__78425.1375229090.332.500 3o_9oq64AurO5QVqkUFY2UzNA8jD4jEGPTtBxV0_K3s__50454.1375229089.332.5000pumasm__40727.1375384989.332.500Ex0ZCCLOjMuPJKD1IORW98WDUxvQdIRCM_DQ7vl25AM__75255.1375385009.332.5003__30633.1373812009.332.500IMG_3743__66338.1363988656.332.500 IMG_3745__96302.1363988656.332.500

photo-112Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

(I can’t afford any of this until I get a rich Husband so I did hair experiments for tonight’s pic instead.)

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