The Art of Defacement!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Remixing isn’t just for music any more.  There is a trend in the art world of people mixing older artwork with new digital technologies to form a new image.  Thomas Robson is an awesome example of this style; he refers to his work as the art of defacement or collision art.  In his own words he is “experimenting in creating visually arresting images through the use of appropriation art and digital collage techniques.” Going through his site you’ll see that he has made some interesting and some disturbing collisions/defacements.  My favorite two collections from him are his “Luxe Art” and “Incendiary” collections.  The “Incendiary” works, as the name suggests, feature a ball of fire in place of where the head of a portrait would normally be.  His “Luxe Art” collection is best described as the combination of distorted photos and magazine ads.  The images that cover the faces in these works are often crumbled or cut up.  His other work is all done in a similar style of “defacement,” but the themes and images that each collection uses make it feel distinctly different from the next. NOTE: They get less “G-Rated” as you go down so be warned!

appropriation-art-portraits-4 art-remix-emerging-artists-art-news-la2 contemporary-art-new-art-emerging-artists-collsion-art-design-trends-style-trends-landscape-paintings-thomas-robson-sponsoredcontemporary-art-style-trends-designer-art-design-trends-emerging-artists-art-news-thomas-robson-fluid-pigments-2 contemporary-art-style-trends-designer-art-design-trends-emerging-artists-art-news-thomas-robson-fluid-pigments-14grids-6-thomas-robson-1contemporary-collage-art-style-trends-designer-art-thomas-robson-14appriation-art-incendiary-art-remix-2stunning-appropriation-art-collages-by-thomas-robson-7

photo-111Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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