Artistic Trash Bins!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

photo-100Bed Bath & Beyonds are now selling trash bins designed by award winning designer, Karim Rashid.  That’s right, you can now toss your garbage in a receptacle created by an artist that has work in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Montreal Museum of Decorative Art, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts.  Sounds like a pretty fancy trash bin, doesn’t it?  Well here’s the best part: BB&B isn’t charging you an arm and a leg to have your artistic trash bin; it’s only $6.99!  I’m thinking of getting one myself, and not just because a semi-famous guy designed it.  The multicolor splatter look of these bins actually suits my love of abstract expressionism.  Now comes the hard part, picking which one to buy!


photo-102Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In the Heart Shades


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  1. Nothing new. People have been calling my art work garbage for decades !


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