Get Your Face Made of Stars

Hello Beautiful Thinkers

With light pollution on the rise, stargazing isn’t the same to the average guy or gal off the street.  You’d think that this would mean less artists looking to the night sky for inspiration, and even if that is the case, it certainly isn’t stopping Sergio Albiac.  He has created a program that makes one-of-a-kind portraits inspired by the stars.  The program combines images from the Hubble Space Telescope with images sent in by regular people like you and I to make Stardust Portraits.  Albiac guarantees that through this process of combinations, no two portraits will be the same.  Some of the portraits are clear representations of the person in the original picture or they can become a hodgepodge of starry blobs that only bares a passing resemblance to the original picture sent in.

If you want your very own Stardust Portrait, Albiac has put up four simple steps on his website so you can get in the running for a free digital portrait.  I’ve reposted a few of his portraits that were featured in the article that lead me to this project.  The rest of the portraits can be viewed on the project Stardust Portrait page on flickr.  Each picture sent in is made into three different portraits generated by the program.  Since the beginning of the flickr page in June of 2013, they have posted over ten thousand portraits.  I’ve sent in a picture of myself so hopefully I’ll soon be joining the rest of these people and have my own face made of stardust.

Sergio-Albiac-stardust-portraits-designboom-10 9335027254_dc0b2a41dc_b-640x635 16569_527145384025864_2046385599_n 4-Stardust-Portraits-by-Sergio-Albiac 3-Stardust-Portraits-by-Sergio-Albiac

The Boy In The Heart Shades 1Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

(Got mine back already! Pretty cool!)

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