Man of Steel

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I’ve always had one little problem with the Superman world: how the hell is Lois Lane even an okay reporter without realizing that Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same?  It would seem that the makers of the newest Superman movie Man of Steel had the same issue with this franchise, because for once, Ms. Lane doesn’t have her head up her ass about this hero’s secret identity.  In fact, she actually uses her reporting skills and tenacity to track down Clark to his home in Kansas before he even starts wearing his red cape.  Way to go Amy Adam’s version of Lois!

Okay, so now that I can put aside my biggest complaint of every previous Superman, let’s talk about how sexy Henry Cavill is.  I know not everyone is thrilled with the choice of actor because he’s the first Superman that isn’t American.  Cavill was born in the UK, but I didn’t hear a British accent when I was watching Man of Steel.  Plus, Cavill has the dark-hair-blue-eyes combo that we’ve all come to look for in the role of Superman/Clark Kent.  Allow me my shallow moment, but any complaints I might have had vanished when there was a shot of him shirtless and on fire in the beginning of the movie.  Now that’s hot, literally on fire. *Fanning myself like I’m in the old south stuck in a corset*

My one big really complaint for this movie comes at the end of the last fight scene. *Spoilers BTs* Superman vs General Zod!  We’re talking two epically powerful aliens battling all over the city.  They even make it into the earth’s orbit and bring down a satellite in their fight, but somehow Lois is able to be right there to watch Superman kill Zod.  Okay, so it’s more like two complaints.  One, how the hell did she get there in time to witness this and attempt to comfort Superman?  And two, to the family that is about to get heat-visioned to death, what the hell are you doing just standing around holding each other?  Escape you idiots!  Superman’s got the guy in a headlock for crying out loud.  But beyond those little moments of skepticism, I think Man of Steel was a good movie, definitely worth seeing BTs.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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