Button, Button, Esquivel’s Got the Button!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

People never stop amazing me, and Augusto Esquivel has caught my attention this week.  He created sculptures by suspending sewing buttons on string. In case you’re not grasping how awesome that really is, check out the pictures of these brilliant pieces of art.  With the exception of the fire extinguisher, which is still extremely impressive, all of these pieces have a young and whimsical feeling about them.  My favorite is definitely the water and rubber ducky!  I hope you love Esquivel’s work as much as I do.

 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo1_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo2_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo3_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo4_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo5_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo6_1280 tumblr_mj7cp1z6Fg1qbkx0lo7_1280

photo-80Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


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