Stewart Lewis is a Total Rockstar

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

rockstarlet-novel-stewart-lewis-paperback-cover-artRockstarlet by Stewart Lewis is the most recent book to join my finished reading pile.  The basics are Jackson Poole, a musician on the rise, is about to sign the record deal of his life.  The problem is, everyone is telling him he has to hide his sexuality to be a hit artist.  The book hits on Jackson’s stress at having to hide who he really is, his search for love, and his reactions to his ever growing fame and the changes to his life that come with that.

StewartLewis-600x551There really aren’t any too many shocking moments in this book, but if you’re the type of person that loves a resolved story with a happy ending, it’s worth a read.  Lewis combines a conversational style of writing with fairly short chapters to make this book fun and easy to get through.  I was moving through chapters without even realizing how quickly it was going by.  Honestly, I expected there to be a little more drama from the fact that Jackson was hiding his real identity, but each issue that comes up is resolved fairly quickly.

9781593500689_p0_v1_s260x420Like his main character in the book, Stewart Lewis is a musician.  I actually first discovered him through one of his songs being featured in the show Dante’s Cove.  I tried to hunt the song down but couldn’t find it on iTunes, Amazon, or any of my other usual channels, but after looking through a few different sites that list featured music from the show, I finally figured it out.  I discovered that sadly the song isn’t on any of his MP3s.  On the brightside though I found out that Lewis is a multi talented artist.  He now has quite a few novels out and I’ve added the rest of them to my Amazon wish list.  If they are as cute and quippy as Rockstarlet, I’m sure I’ll enjoy them too.

photo-54Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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