Fast 6 Finally!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

fast6So I finally saw the sixth in the Fast and Furious series! Before you judge me for being excited about that statement, check the cast list. It’s like they went to the sexy aisle of the casting grocery store and overfilled the cart. To all the Fast and Furious haters out there, what are you really looking for from an action movie? Fast cars? Check! Explosions? Check! A tragic death scene? Check! A f*cking tank? Absolute check! Oh, and lets not forget fistfights, gunplay, and awesome, completely unbelievable stunts.
Fast-Furious-6-They-Got-A-TankSo as we all knew from the twist at the end of the last movie that Michelle Rodriguez rejoined the cast this time. But on this mission to bring Letty back into the family, Tego and Rico, played by Tego Calderon and Don Omar, were missing in action. I can’t say I missed the duo very much though. Luke Evans, who I remember best as Zeus from Immortals, comes into the mix to play our new biggest baddy. He was apparently the boss of one of our previous villains and really captured the evil guy vibe as he gleefully used his stolen tank to run over a bunch of random cars that were getting in his way.
images*Spoilers* As I’m sure you all guessed, Mr. Evil Tank Man gets his ass handed to him by Vin Diesel and his team, but not without casualties. Gisele the sexy ass-kicking driver that stole Han’s heart doesn’t make it through this one. She was pretty much doomed as soon as she became Han’s love interest though since we already know how things turn out for him. And while we have Tokyo Drift in mind, Fast 6 ends with a little rewrite of Han’s death scene. I rewatched his death in Tokyo Drift and I think they’re relying a little bit too much on us to suspend our disbelief. I guess an argument could be made that in Tokyo Drift they never showed who hit Han. But even with the jumpy editing, Jason Satham would have to be moving faster than the casual stroll he adopts after getting out of his vehicle to get away from the collision unseen as he seemed to have in the first version of the crash scene. Oh well, something for us to think about while we await Fast and Furious 7 I guess.


Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,
The Boy In The Heart Shades.

You don’t even want to know what happened here. Trust me.

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