Wait, How Would That Work?

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Sometimes we have art that is functional and sometimes we have art that is meant only for display, but Giuseppe Colarusso’s series called Improbabilita makes items that defy function.  In the recent series, Colarusso took everyday objects and reimagined them without their original purpose.  Not all of the items would be impossible to use, but each one has a twist that makes you think about how could this be used or how would that work.  I think the coolest one is the spray paint can that has the adjustable color levels on it.  Although I’m not sure how the heck you’d get something like that to actually work, the idea of it is really cool. Something for me to figure out when I become a mad scientist!



For hot and cold running orange juice.


The next big thing in power tools?


Why would I want to see behind me? It’s just the paparazzi again.


Baking in a world where cavemen never invented the wheel!


How advanced Egypt would have been if the aliens had stuck around and kept helping.


So do you score points by getting the ball through the other player’s paddle?


I’ve got nothing for this one


I only play with unloaded dice.


Is this graffiti too blue?


Every two-mouthed alcoholic’s dream.


For the stylish Cyclops on the go!

photo-52Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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