Lessons from The Bling Ring

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

BlingRingPB_CoverFINALThere’s no doubt that Emma Watson has a massive fan base after so many of us grew up with her and the rest of the Harry Potter cast. Both of the movies she’s listed in for 2013 are in theaters right now: The Bling Ring and This Is the End. While I refuse to see This Is the End mostly because I’ve never enjoyed Jonah Hill’s acting, The Bling Ring seemed like it could be an interesting way to spend ninety minutes. It’s time for some truth though, The Bling Ring is definitely a wait for DVD type movie.
the-bling-ring.phpI did enjoy myself while I was watching this one, but I think that was more because the theater was empty enough that my friends and I could have our own commentary as the movie was playing. It’s kind of a “characters that you love to hate” movie. The movie said it best: “America has this sick fascination with a Bonnie and Clyde kind of thing.” If this and all the other movies featuring criminals as the protagonists aren’t enough proof of that, I think the news certainly backs up the statement too.
Best case scenario, you can watch it as a comedy and laugh at the over-the-top ridiculousness of these characters. But on the other side of things this movie can be used as a cautionary tale. So here are ten lessons to be learned from The Bling Ring:

  1. Don’t rob people
  2. Don’t brag about it if you ignore lesson 1
  3. Don’t return to the scene of the crime like ten times… Seriously.
  4. Don’t do drugs
  5. Don’t drive if you ignored lesson 4
  6. Don’t leave your key under the doormat
  7. Lock your sliding glass doors
  8. Lock your cars
  9. Don’t leave your wallet/purse in the car in case you forget lesson 8
  10. Gun safety (They are never toys!)

20130704-233818.jpgKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,
The Boy In The Heart Shades

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