Boots Boots Boots!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

To all of you, my signature is the heart-shaped sunglasses that I wear in my sign off pictures.  But for those people that get to know me in person know me for another signature item in my wardrobe: my boots.  I’m talking steel-toe-punk-rock-combat boots.  As an opinionated fashionista I own other kinds of shoes and know that if I’m trying to pull off a specific look the boots might not necessarily work with it.  But for me, these boots aren’t strictly about the fashion look, they are about something else just as important for anyone making bold fashion choices that wants to walk out the door knowing they are fierce: my boots are about attitude.  When I put on my boots I instantly feel more comfortable with my entire ensemble.  I can be wearing the most outrageous outfit I own but if I’m wearing my boots with it I’m going to walk like it’s the hottest look that’s ever touched my skin.  And so I’m dedicating today to my boots.  I hope all of you BTs have something that makes you feel this way, like you’re the boldest bitch in the room.  Be it your own pair of boots or a song that you play while you get ready to go out, or even a mantra you say to yourself when you need that little boost.  If you don’t have that thing, go out and find it!

photo-25 photo-26 photo-27 photo-28 photo-30 photo-31

photo-29Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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