Breaking The First Rule of Fight Club

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

fight_clubThe first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.  That’s right, one of the most famous contradictory statements is on my mind this week.  I can now finally check it off my ever-growing list of books to read.  Chuck Palahniuk (don’t ask me to say that out loud cause I’ll probably F it up.) is one of those authors that everyone knows about for that one single book.  You say his name, even if you miss pronounce it, people are going to think you’re talking about the guy that wrote Fight Club, right?  His website, appropriately called The Cult because of his status as a cult author, has a great bio written about him by Joshua Chaplinsky that shows that neither he nor Fight Club were an instant success.

academicfightclub2As clichéd as it might be, Fight Club is the first Palahniuk that I’ve read, but it won’t be the last.  Despite it being a little difficult to figure out when our narrator is actually speaking because of the stylistic choice to leave quotation marks off most (maybe all) of his dialogue, this one was a pretty fast read.  This is probably because the chapters are on average no more than seven pages and moved through events as quickly as your mind from thought to thought.  Or rather, the narrator’s mind from thought to thought.

I don’t think that this book really lived up to the hype for me, which is not to say I didn’t like it.  I enjoyed the book a lot, but the problem with reading or watching anything that’s achieved cult status is that if you don’t maintain a certain level of ignorance about it before experiencing it all the surprises are ruined.  So if you somehow don’t know the twist about this story but you plan to read it at some point in the future, place a major spoiler protection bubble around yourself now.

photo-17Still, I think I would recommend reading this one if you’re in the mood for something different.  Palahniuk’s writing style in this book is definitely unique.  I can say objectively that I would have had even more fun reading this book if I didn’t already know its secrets. They would have blown my mind if I’d been able to figure them out as I was reading.  Maybe if I’d never seen certain bits of the movie it would have lived up to the hype, who knows. (Side note: I’ve never seen the movie all the way through start to finish.  It’s always half way over or I have to go somewhere after the first third whenever I catch it on TV.) Either way, if you’ve already seen the movie or you’ve never really gotten around to it, I think the book is great as it’s own work.

photo-16Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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