The Young Protectors’ Kickstarter!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

photo-mainThere are only a few days left for The Young Protectors Vol. 1 Kickstarter project, but that’s still plenty of time to become a TYP fan and support the comic.  Alex Woolfson, the mind behind this web comic, updates the story every Saturday.  With the help of pencil artist Adam DeKraker and colorist Veronica Gandini, The Young Protectors (TYP) is an excellent quality comic with a very loyal fan base.  The story focuses on the main character Kyle/Red Hot in his process of figuring out what it means to be a gay superhero.  There are a little over one hundred pages of the story available on the site so far, but it is a fast and fun read so I’m sure that you’ll be able to get through it in no time, BTs.

YoungProtectors_SaveTheNight_1200The Young Protectors isn’t the only web comic I read, as you all know, since it’s not even the first web comic I’ve mentioned on his site.  It sets itself apart from the others that I read by being the most interactive for its fans.  Like so many web comics, TYP has a donation box at the bottom of each page, but this isn’t just a donation for the sake of supporting your favorite comic.  Woolfson sets a goal: for every $400 dollars donated he produces a bonus page that is released on Wednesdays.  That might sound like a lot of money, but since this Wednesday, the eleventh bonus page in a row was posted.  I think that proves that TYP fans are up to meeting that challenge.

Yaoi911_TYP_Webcomic_004-c45722c_0The bonus pages aren’t the rewards for the fans’ generosity, with the Kickstarter project Woolfson has made sure that fans get their money’s worth when they donate to the project.  If you check out the Kickstarter page you’ll see he’s made fun titles to go alongside each pledge amount from Citizen for $10 all the way up to Ultimate Defender of Truth and Justice for a $2,500 donation. (Believe it or not, there actually is a backer that has reached that level.) Each level comes with different extras to go with the book.  As the amount raised surpassed the necessary $14,000 for the project, Woolfson created “stretch goals” to be reached while the donations continued to flow in.  So far the project has gone over six times the needed funds, making one of the most successful Kickstarter comic projects ever.  You’ve probably figured out by now BTs, that part of the reason I picked TYP for today’s post was to show my support and hope that any of you will donate and help unlock more stretch goals.  Even if you don’t donate to the project, I hope you become a TYP fan too.

photo-5Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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