World War Z aka Brad Pitt VS Zombies

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WorldWarZ_200-s6-c30I’m sure all of you zombie lovers are excited for the release of World War Z this week.  I got lucky and had the chance to see it early with a couple friends!  I’m sure any of you that are hardcore fans of the zombie genre know that the title World War Z originally belonged to a book by Max Brooks, but other than the shared title and genre, the movie and book have nothing to do with each other.  In Max Brooks’ world we find the classic slow-moving zombie shuffling into battle.  However, Brad Pitt finds himself up against speedy zombies similar to the extremely aggressive plague victims in 28 Days Later.

220px-World_War_Z_posterWhen I heard rumors that Brooks wanted nothing to do with the film I started preparing for the worst; I loved his book and I was worried they would ruin it by turning it into a movie without his blessing.  Turns out that by preparing for a letdown I actually ended up enjoying the film.  If you read and loved the book, the only way you’ll be able to enjoy this movie is by pushing the book completely out of your mind.  If it helps, think of the movie by a different title like Brad Pitt VS Zombies (that’s what I call it in my head) so that you can see it as its own story.  If you can manage that, you might end up enjoying the movie instead of being disappointed that it’s nothing like the book.

World-War-Z-2Okay, so now that we’re thinking of it as its own story, I can say Brad Pitt VS Zombies is a good movie.  I’m glad I got to see it for free because otherwise I might have waited to see it on DVD.  But if you’re not a broke college student (or in my case, a broke slightly fresh college graduate) and $10 doesn’t sound like a lot for a movie, then go for it and see it in theaters.  After all, it’s a general rule that a zombie horde is more impressive on a big screen.

World_War_Z_Poster_3_24_13*Spoiler Alert* I know that he’s the main character so it’s necessary for him to survive at least most of the movie, but I have to say Brad Pitt’s character is the luckiest SOB ever.  The fact that he made it out of the city alive with his family while people are zombifying in as little as 12 seconds was already enough lucky for his whole family’s lifetime.  But to survive a plane crash while only getting a gut wound and then make it to the closest World Health Organization building on foot, that’s just a little too close to being unbelievable.  Still, his survival isn’t all blind luck as is the case for some zombie survivors, he is actually an intelligent character that can learn on the run.  He manages to escape several breakouts and form a theory that gives humans a fighting chance by the end of the movie.  *Super Spoiler Alert* It turns out the zombies in this movie aren’t hungry for just any old flesh; they want healthy people. Yep, you’ve never been so happy to have cancer than you are when a stream of running zombies is passing you by like they can’t even see you. *Ultimate Spoiler Alert* While the movie doesn’t end with the humans killing the last zombie on earth, that knowledge leads scientists to create a disease-based camouflage so that we leave Brad Pitt VS Zombies with the hope that humans will survive and keep fighting.

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