The Gay Gatsby

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

250px-Gatsby_1925_jacketI’m sure that I’m not the only one who reread The Great Gatsby since the movie hit theaters.  Honestly, it was nice to come back to it with non-obligated eyes.  For whatever reason, books are never as good when you have to read them for a class.  Maybe because there is a test waiting at the end of the books that make all the fun of reading suddenly disappear.

the_great_gatsby_movie-wideAnyway, I watched the new movie too after I finished revisiting Fitzgerald’s book and as usual, I liked the book better.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie.  It was visually gorgeous and for the most part stuck to the book.  Except the end, which I’m assuming they changed to make Tobey Maguire seem even more pathetic and all alone.  I think he was my least favorite part of the movie. (Sorry Tobey!) I found his portrayal of Nick Carraway to be a bit too “horndog on the prowl.” Also, changing the means of storytelling to (Spoiler Alert!) Nick speaking to a psychiatric professional was a bit odd.  Not so odd that I couldn’t accept it, but still probably not the way I’d have gone with it.


Don’t know who made this but it’s adorable! Click it! Click it!

Enough about the movie though, the thing that I noticed this time around that I didn’t see for whatever reason back when I read this book in high school was that Nick is a bit sexually confused.  Unless someone can give me another explanation for the random bedside conversation that ends chapter two.  The man is hanging out with other men while they sit around in their underwear and the use of ellipses to start the last scene of the chapter makes it clear that our slightly-less-than-reliable narrator is leaving things out.  For that matter, other than Daisy, not many of the other women get very flattering descriptions.  If I was doing a more scholarly analysis of this, I think there would be enough evidence for me to cast Nick in the role of closeted homosexual.  Hell, I bet he was totally into Gatsby!  That’s why he’s telling us a whole story about him. Maybe I’m being a little silly.  What do you think, BTs?  Am I reading between the lines too much?

photo-17Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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