The Mid-Finger Ring!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

For all of you that are accessory junkies like me, Elle has recently posted a trend alert for mid-finger rings!  I don’t know about you BTs, but I love it. Occasionally in the past I’ll take one of my sister’s rings, put it on, and when it only slides to that middle section of a finger, I think, “why do I like this so much?” Well now when someone looks at my mid-finger ring and asks, “wtf?” I can say, “shut up! Elle is on my side.” Check out the selection of rings they featured in their Trend Alert article.

elle-07-infinity-xln-lgn elle-09-tomboy-xln-lgn elle-eva-fehren-mid-finger-xln-lgn elle-urban-outfiters-bone-ring-xln-lgn elle-urban-outfiters-jewel-mid-finger-xln-lgnpeace4010029109_q2_1-1_336x596

photo-14Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

I think it looks best as a (stereotypical) Gypsy look!

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