Now You [Must] See Me!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

now-you-see-me-castWhat happens when you put Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Mark Ruffalo in the same movie?  Magic!  No really, their new movie Now You See Me has the cast playing the roles of street magicians brought together in order to pull off some impressive heists.  Including Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, the cast list alone was enough to peak my interest.  Sprinkle some magicians on top and this movie just turned into one that I had to see while it was still in theaters.

If you’ve ever met me in person you know that I have loved magic my whole life.  Whether it’s the dragons and trolls version or the Vegas stage act version, there’s something about the idea of it that is just so damn delightful.  As the Interpol Agent played by Mélanie Laurent points out in the movie, it’s a beautiful thing to believe in even a little bit of magic.

now-you-see-me-bannerWhen it comes to magic shows there are two general types of audience members: the type that just like to watch the tricks unfold in front of them and the type that likes to figure out how the trick is done.  This movie satisfies both.  Thanks to Morgan Freeman’s character, a has been magician that now gets his money by disproving other magicians and revealing trade secrets, we as the movie audience get to watch the tricks in real time as if at the actual show, and then go back to see how it was actually done when Freeman explains each trick.

I’d say that Now You See Me is one of the must-see movies of the summer.  It gives a great combination of mystery, comedy, showmanship, and revenge that leaves its audience satisfied with the ending and yet still wanting more.  If there is ever a sequel I’m already down to see it.  No spoilers today BTs, just my recommendation that you check this one out whenever you get the chance.

photo-9Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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