H&M Celebrates All Bodies!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

9ad824d8-8de4-4cdf-be9f-17ac2556532f_786bd89e-55e0-4492-a485-014ff5ff6c3a_630_swimsuits-1I’m happy to say that I recently found out that H&M is taking steps to make sure they have a wider variety of body types in their models.  CEO Johan Persson was recently quoted saying that H&M models are too thin and that’s something they’ve become concerned with in their advertising.  The company is now making sure to bring more diversity into the mix of models they use in their advertising, not just in size, but in ethnic background as well.  It’s definitely a smart move in my opinion to not give the impression that you have to look a specific way to be able to wear their clothes.  They can brand themselves as the store where everyone fits.

706cb1f0-cc87-4c26-9189-eb080fce3500_beyonce-hm-bikini-650-430Beyoncé, the company’s newest superstar representative, and plus size model Jennie Runk are two examples that Persson pointed out in his interview to show that the company is headed in the right direction, and these changes are coming just in time to show off the new swimsuit line.  Plus-sized model Runk is reported to be 6 feet tall and fall into the 14-16-size range.  I personally view this as the bare minimum of the “plus size” range, but it’s still excellent to see a company besides Torrid using models that aren’t twig thin.  So let’s give H&M a round of applause BTs for embracing a more realistic body type!

photo-8Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

It’s an H&M shirt (You’ll have to trust me on this one BTs.)

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