Giving Sound Wave a New Meaning

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

SoundWave-MAD_2I’ll be honest BTs, I don’t even remember why I was looking up ice sculptures the other day, but whatever my reason was, my search lead me to a sculpture of melted vinyl records called Sound Wave.  The artist behind this awesome piece of art is Jean Shin.  Shin melted the records into the shape of a black cascading wave spotted with colors from the labels of each of the records.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a record repurposed, and especially not the first time that I’ve seen a record melted for repurposing.  There are quite a few different craft projects out there that show you how to melt a record to make it into something else like a bowl or a clock, two of the most common repurposing uses I’ve seen for records.

SoundWave-MAD_1Shin had more than just a little craft project in mind with this piece.  Sound Wave is a representation of how one generation’s recordable media becomes obsolete as the next generation inevitably creates a new technology to replace it.  I wonder if we’ll ever see someone melt a bunch of mp3 players together for the sake of art?  The piece is made of 78 melted records on a wooden armature.  It measured out to be 5.2 feet tall with a 12 foot square base when installed at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York in 2008.  Visit Jean Shin’s website to see other sculptures and art with the use of cast-off objects.

photo-7Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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