Jack Reacher VS. Safe Haven

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Safe-HavenI recently had the opportunity to watch two movies that have recently come to the On Demand channel, Jack Reacher and Safe Haven.  Honestly, neither will be joining my DVD collection.  If I had to pick between the two which I’d rather watch on repeat for the rest of my life though, I’d have to say Jack Reacher.  Despite the combined sexiness of Josh Duhamel and David Lyons in one movie, Safe Haven was underwhelming and just too predictable for my taste.  But I’m not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan anyway, even if he can bring in the hotties for his movie casts.

Jack-Reacher-Movie-PosterWasting no more time on the lackluster romance movie, that leaves us with Jack Reacher.  Tom Cruise comes to us in yet another action movie as the smartest man in the room who can also kick anyone’s ass without really breaking his stride. *Spoilers, Sweeties, so many spoilers* The one surprising factor in this movie is that the would-be love interest played by Rosamund Pike doesn’t ever get to act on the occasional sexual tension that is hinted at in the film.  That’s right BTs, Mr. Cruise isn’t out to seduce the beautiful lawyer that asked for his help, he’s only there to find the truth.

Besides the lack of sex, I think the overall conspiracy behind the opening sniper shooting could have been explained a little better.  Instead we simply gain a quick understanding that it’s all about the money.  I guess that’s a good enough reason for an evil plot to kill four innocent bystanders in order to hide the murder of one specific person.  So Reacher follows the clues, gets into fights, and goes on a couple car chases in the classic action movie manor.

Jack-Reacher-Jai-CourtneyMy two biggest disappointments for this movie were in the final scenes.  In the last fistfight for Tom Cruise’s character and the lead henchman played by Jai Courtney there isn’t much of a struggle.  I didn’t even feel that I had to worry for a second about Cruise getting through the fight without any real damage.  The second disappointment came when the “grand master villain” has a chance for escape and doesn’t take it.  When he is first introduced as a character he makes it very clear that he is a survivor by any means, even biting off his own fingers.  But when it’s time for him to run to survive for another day, he sticks around for a bullet to the head.  It felt completely out of character and a little too convenient for wrapping up the movie.  Still, these disappointments aside, Jack Reacher was entertaining enough to justify the On Demand fee.

photo-3Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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Romance is dead! Action shot it!

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