Suzy Ultman’s Kitchy Cuties

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

il_570xN.306817038Whenever I’m in a place that hangs art for sale on the walls I try to find something that catches my attention.  This isn’t always a successful endeavor, we all have our own sense of good aesthetics after all.  Sometimes I look around thinking, “I hope these people have day jobs.” Every once in a while though I see something that makes me think or even something that just makes me smile.  Suzy Ultman’s print of hot air balloons was one that made me smile.  I found it a few years back on a wall in SoFla for only $6, a fair price for something that makes me happy.  I can’t say I believe that Ultman will ever be one of the greats, but there’s something about the bright colors and big eyes in her prints that draws my attention.

There is a definite kitchy hipster vibe going on in these prints.  I can imagine seeing her stuff available in Urban Outfitters, the store where we can all go to buy originality.  Sarcasm aside, I enjoy Ultman’s paintings of personified objects, like Mr. and Ms. House below. You can find her prints on her Etsy page with prices ranging from $20-60.  Maybe one of these prints is the adorable, affordable touch you need to brighten up a room in your house?  These pics are my favorites currently available from Ultman.

il_570xN.180168657 il_570xN.180172164 il_570xN.426092483_i7jo il_570xN.426097637_d7c6 il_570xN.426101630_n4br il_570xN.426103062_f02t

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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