B.o.B’s New Single Needs a Rename

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

bob-rapperI was looking at the New Music section on iTunes once again and I came across a new song called “HeadBand” by B.o.B.  My first thought was “huh?” Followed quickly by “rappers will make songs about anything.” And then that one horrible song from Glee called “My Headband” came to mind so I had to listen to the B.o.B single just to get that song out of my mind.  As I listened I decided that the song would be more appropriately named “Do It in the Mirror” seeing as the word headband is only said once and feels like a completely random title.  Titles aside, if you like the B.o.B song featuring artist 2 Chainz, it might be the first single off his third album.  There hasn’t been much news on the subject of that album since B.o.B asked fans to help him name it via Twitter.  Whether this song is the first off his next album or not though, it’s still good news for all you B.o.B fans out there.  He’s a bit hit-or-miss for me.  Check out the official audio on YouTube and leave me a comment of what you think: B.o.B’s next radio hit or something skippable?

photo-5Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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