Fred and Friends Making Everything Awesome! (Really Everything.)

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

If you’re anything like me, and I suspect you are if you’re reading this blog, then you love finding that one little thing that adds flare to something ordinary.  Fred & Friends is a company that takes things like mixing pancake batter or serving pasta from ordinary to fabulous.  And that’s just with the Fred Kitchen section.  Fred & Friends specializes in taking the common out of commonplace for spaces of your house like your desk, kitchen, or dining room table.  Everything they make has a cute, young feel to it that makes me repeatedly say, “OMG that’s adorable!” every two minutes or less while I’m on their website.  They don’t sell any of their products directly from their site, but they do have a store locator so you can find a local distributer.  I prefer just hopping on Amazon and adding my favorites to my wish list on there.  If you still need some convincing, here are some of my favorite Fred products.

500xl_lr3 bonechillers_lr1 borrowmypen_lr1 chillbabyvolume_lr1 cursedcookies_lr4 deepteadiver_lr3 dishplay_lr1 dishwish_lr1 doomed_lr1 footinthedoor_lr3 istuck_lr1 kitchenkong_lr1 manatea_lr4 ninjabreadmen_lr1 pastasaurus_lr1 pizzaboss3000_lr1 pumpedup_lr1 spooled_lr1 sweetspirits_lr4 theend_lr2

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photo-3Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy in The Heart Shades

(Up way too early so that I can drive to Tampa for a concert!)

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