My Container Store Wishlist!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I’m not the most organized person when it comes to my bedroom, it’s half laziness and half bad habits.  My gorgeous editor Casey can testify to that fact.  The last time she was over, my room was a hot mess.  But I’ve decided I’m cleaning up my act! (Hopefully it’ll stay that way.) So in honor of me going on an organization spree I thought I’d dedicate today’s entry to the Container Store.  We recently got one here in Orlando and I of course want to go on a shopping spree there with the excuse that I need to organize my life.  I went on their website and made myself a wish list of cool stuff I want.  But until I stop wasting my money on gasoline to get to concerts and clubs and get a chance to buy up all this stuff, I’m just going to have to look at this post and dream.


To keep my necklaces from tangling with each other!


Cutest way to store scarves ever!


Not sure what to put in this yet but I stil want it for some reason.


Completely practical for travel.


Something you may not know about me yet BTs, I have a lot of boots. I totally need these boot shapers!


Inflatable verson of the boot shapers, still need them!


Takes me back to my childhood.


Ridiculously cute, no?


I love all things stackable.


Would be soo cute as party favor boxes if they were cheaper.


Cool thing about the container store they can help you build your dream closet.

photo-7Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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