Iron Man 3 Has An Amazing Bonus Soundtrack!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

814aaHgTiDL__SL1500_I’m sure all of you comic book movie fans have all been going crazy over the most recent one to hit theaters: Iron Man 3. I haven’t seen it yet,  But I have been listening to the Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall soundtrack obsessively.  It’s been a while since I found a soundtrack with this many of my favorite bands on it.  It’s crazy, I’m talking Neon Trees, Passion Pit, Walk The Moon, 3OH!3, and Imagine Dragons all on one album!  Seriously, if you added Fun. and Fall Out Boy to that list I think I might ‘gasm!

As far as I can tell these songs aren’t the ones played in the background of the movie like with a typical soundtrack.  Those are covered on the Iron Man 3 soundtrack put together by Brian Tyler.  Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall is a bonus soundtrack of “music inspired by the motion picture” rather than the average film score.  I found online that only AWOLNATION’s “Some Kind of Joke” is actually featured in the film while the rest were made just for the album.

neon-treesI don’t know who thought up and organized Heroes Fall, but I’m sending out all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings to them for bringing “Some Kind of Monster” by Neon Trees into my life. (Incoming ridiculousness: it’s like OMG Amaaaahzing!!) I seriously can’t get enough from these guys and this song won’t tide me over till they bring out their next album, but it’s certainly going to catch up quickly in play counts to their other fantastic songs off of Habits and Picture Show.

walkthemoon_PressPhoto3Passion Pit’s “American Blood” and Imagine Dragons’ “Ready Aim Fire” are great tracks off the album, as if there was any doubt.  But the group I’m most thrilled to see on the track list is Walk the Moon with their song “Big Bad Wolves.” Still not fully a mainstream band, Walk the Moon stole my heart with their self-titled album last year and I really hope this is just another step for them on their way to insane amounts of success.  They just announced that special tickets to their upcoming tour will go on sale May 9th.  The tickets are being called Early Entry Wristbands and will allow all the hardcore WTM fans to skip the line and go straight into the venue to scout out a choice spot for optimum rocking-out pleasure.  Sadly, the tour dates listed don’t include a show in Florida for some reason.  But I’m enjoying their Iron Man 3 inspired track enough right now that I just might forgive them for missing us this time around.  Back on topic, Heroes Fall has got me pretty hyped to see Iron Man 3 with my siblings when we are all together in SoFlo this month.

photo-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Yes I’m a dork but this is what my Iron Man suit would look like!!


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  1. Anni3

     /  May 14, 2013

    Love the Iron Man and heart shades!


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