Watch Out Beautiful Thinkers Hunting Season Has Begun!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

rmdpu9sky1qgtoc00gp4I was on Logo Network’s website looking to re-watch season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race because it still isn’t on Netflix. (WTF Netflix?  Catch up.  Seriously, they’ve already had an All-Star season and are on their fifth.) While perusing, I found something new (well new to me): a Logo web-series called Hunting Season.  The series premiered in September 2012 and the first season consists of eight episodes that average about ten minutes each.  It’s kind of like watching the web-series offspring of Queer as Folk as is delves into the culture of gay men in New York City.

0VxCFHunting Season is based on a blog called The Great Cock Hunt and book of the same name by “Alex,” which may not even be the writer’s real name.  As far as I can tell he used the name Alex (first name, nickname, or part of a last name, who knows?) as a way of keeping his anonymity.  Fittingly, the main character of Hunting Season is known by this name as well.  In the first episode Alex begins writing The Great Cock Hunt, his “secret sex blog,” while working for a gossip blog called Gawker.

400000000000000080699_s4I checked out the actual blog that the series was based off of and so far they feel like the same world so that’s good.  The blog was started back in 2005 and ended in 2008, shortly after the book came out.  Sorry to anyone that was excited for new posts but it looks like we missed it.  The old posts are all archived though so if you’re really interested in reading up, all the writing is still there.  If you finish reading all the archives and watching the first season of the show and still can’t get enough, the book is pretty cheap on amazon so there’s always that.

If you do enjoy the show and have the money for it you can buy uncensored episodes on their website for $2.99 each.  Another cool feature on the website is the soundtrack list.  I mention this because the soundtrack was pretty awesome and helped me find some fun songs that I’ve deemed good enough to put on my iPhone!  For updates about what the show has coming you can follow on twitter or subscribe with the official site to get email updates.  If you’re looking for a snapshot on the slutty version of gay life today or just want to kill some time with some fun hot short videos then give Hunting Season a go.

photo-1Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

I would have appreciated a rose from you Lenny.

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