Can’t Wait for New Politics’ New Album!!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

new-politics-a-bad-girl-in-harlemI’ve been obsessed with New Politics’ song “Harlem” ever since they preformed it for the New Now Next Awards!  I’m excited to say it won’t be long before the band’s new album A Bad Girl in Harlem comes out on May 21, 2013.  Watching New Politics perform for the award shows was a great preview of the energy that they will no doubt bring to the stages on their tour with Fall Out Boy over the next few months.  Unfortunately for me, the concerts featuring both bands anywhere reasonably close to me sold out ridiculously quickly due to the fact that FOB is playing at smaller venues than they did before their return. (Plus I’m too poor to afford the tickets right now.) But if you’re interested in seeing New Politics without FOB there’s still time between now and the 25th.

NewPoliticsCoverI noticed something odd when I was watching their music videos on YouTube.  The drummer in their video for “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is different from the one featured in their newest video.  This prompted me to go down the rabbit hole that is better know as Google where I found the explanation for the switch.  New Politics released their self-titled debut album with RCA Records in July 2010.  About six months later, MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Posted announced a big change for the band when they said goodbye to their original drummer Paul Amaliel.  In the same video wishing Amaliel well on his own projects, the band welcomed Louis Vecchio as their new drummer. “Louis is very goofy.  He’s always smiling,” said band guitarist Søren Hansen.  He seems to have fit into the band well though.  The change obviously hasn’t hurt the band’s career with the guest spots on FOB’s tour and their new album coming soon.

press-3A Bad Girl in Harlem, like their album before, will feature ten songs including their current single “Harlem.” If you pre-order the album on iTunes you’ll get the first track “Tonight You’re Perfect” immediately. (The cost of which is charged at the time and the remainder of the $7.99 will be charged when the album releases.) In the mean time, I know I’m going to be rewatching the video for “Harlem” on repeat until I’ve memorized the mad dance skills of lead singer David Boyd as he and the band party through the video and run around the subway and New York City’s streets.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,
The Boy In The Heart Shades

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