The Sexy Men of True Blood are Coming Back!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Watch-True-Blood-Online-true-blood-27010364-393-463The Season 5 finale of True Blood kept up the tradition of cutting us off just when we want more.  With Bill gone crazy on vampire religion and turning into a messy pile of blood only to come back as a Bill/Lilith combo monster (also known as Billith on internet forums), we’ve all been wondering how this will all play out for Mr. Compton.  Of course Billith isn’t the only thing we’re all desperate to know.  Will Jason’s new vendetta leads him to Warlow this coming season?  How long will the Pam and Tara relationship last if they ever actually get together?  What’s going to happen with vampire/human relations now that the Vampire Authority has met a sticky end?

One of the group of recent Season 6 teasers that HBO released answers some of these questions, but not without turning out even more.  Billith is shown wreaking havoc, but while it’s not clear exactly where the show will go with that story line, it is clear that it’s not the only one they plan to tackle this season.  A thwarted slap between Pam and Tara hints that their relationship is sure to have some bumps.  But a shot of green laser gun sights pointed at their chests in the bar has me nervous for Pam’s survival.

Shirtless-Jason-KWantenWarlow is clearly going to be getting in the mix this season too.  An ominous shot of a man in a large brimmed hat is featured in the dead center of the teaser.  From the few scenes we’ve already had of the shadowy figure, this hat has become his signature until they are ready to reveal who he really is.  There are plenty of theories out there about Warlow being a character we’ve already met but I’m hoping that he is brand new.  If there’s any validity to those internet rumors, hopefully the writers have been planning this reveal to keep any inconsistencies out of the character’s history.

Just in case the danger of Billith and Warlow aren’t enough to pack this season with action, we also have the threat of war.  “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.”  That quote shouldn’t come as a surprise with all the tension building between humans and vampires, especially with the Vampire Authority killing each other off.

joe-manganiello-alcide-true-blood-1It looks like Season 6 might be picking up right where five left off inside the Authority’s base of operations with everything going to hell, and I can’t wait.  The video flashes through to give us a look at all our favorite characters.  It also gives us some very promising quotes to really amp us up for the new season premier in mid-June.  The 30-second preview closes with the image of Billith giving his/its best vampire roar.  Even with all the drama and action this trailer promises, I have to admit that my favorite moment is Sookie face-planting into a pile of dead vampire mush as she runs toward the elevator to escape the Authority’s compound.  It’s a quick nudge that no matter how far into the action they plan to delve with Season 6 we can still look forward to the show’s dark sense of humor.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

This is how I feel the vampire teeth look in True Blood compared to other vamp teeth and yes those pics don’t really match the content. They are just sexy shirtless men from the show!

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