Feeny Makes Us Appreciate the Printing Press!

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tumblr_mf1edqYE7v1qh5bybo1_250There are a lot of blogs out there, a lot of books, a lot of literary magazines, a lot of writing in general.  With so many places for us to put our writing out into the world it’s easy to forget this ability to reach the masses stems from one very powerful invention: the printing press.  This is another post brought to you by Boy Meets World; I caught an episode of it on TV the other day and it was the one where Cory, Shawn, and Topanga become game show stars.  I love when Mr. Feeny goes off on the whole class about how their generation wastes technology.

germany_east_1167Like Feeny teaches us, Johannes (Johann for short) Gutenberg invented the printing press.  This was all the way back in 1440, we’re talking pre-America here for any of you that are lacking a perception of how long ago it really was.  The concept of cutting the print out of wood and using it like a stamp with ink wasn’t exactly new, but the thing that made Gutenberg’s printing press so revolutionary was the moveable type.  Before this way of printing, all other forms of replicating a book took so long that it wasn’t possible to mass-produce.  It could take up to 20 years for a literary work to me transcribed by a monk.  But by 1452 the Gutenberg Bible was being mass-printed, soon leading to a boom in the production of texts all over Europe.  The book could then be sold for significantly cheaper than any hand written Bible.

gutenbergpressThe invention didn’t make Gutenberg rich though.  His investor, Johann Fust, forced him out of the original press and worked along side Gutenberg’s assistant Peter Schoffer.  Not long after Gutenberg died, there were print-houses established in over 2,500 cities throughout Europe.  The production of new volumes increased exponentially making it easier for people to become more informed.  It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this changed the way the world worked.  Bringing millions of books into print allowed an increase in education, inevitably leading to progress.

As the world continued to change, the industrial revolution further advanced printing technology.  Steam-powered rotary presses could print thousands of pages in a day.  Eventually this evolved to typewriters, copy machines, and laser printers.  And now with the Internet we can send off a tweet, email, or instant message sharing information with complete strangers around the world so easily that we hardly think about how difficult it was to learn something new before all this technology existed.

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PS I don’t have a printing press but my printer is wireless!

Boy Culture: Confessions of a Gay Prostitute!

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photo-7When you think back about all the things you wanted to be when you grew up, was a prostitute ever one of them?  In Matthew Rettenmund’s novel Boy Culture, that was the case for main character X. (As the narrator, he tells us this isn’t his real name, but it might as well be since this is what he calls himself for the entire book.) In fact, X goes so far as to say that he “felt destined to be one.”  So I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Boy Culture is the story of a gay prostitute.  Told as a series of confessions, all but one of the book’s chapters has an “I” statement as its title, as in “I am Curious, I am Shockable, I am an Open Book,” etc.  These confessions range anywhere from twenty-two pages to eight little words, giving personality to the speaker and showing which stories he places more value on.

BOY CULTURE POSTER.inddBut of course there wouldn’t be enough drama in the book if it was just a hooker talking about his Johns.  To complicate X’s life, not only does he have his select clients, but he also has two roommates.: Joe, a slutty barely legal teenager that wants X, and Andrew, a fresh out of the closet man that X finds himself wanting.  Whether you’re reading for the dirty parts that you know are coming or you’re interested in X’s real romantic life outside of turning tricks, Boy Culture is a fun and easy read.

For anyone that’s just interested in the more risqué parts of the book, Rettenmund made it even easier for readers to hunt down the scenes that interest them with the “Sexual Index.”  Flip to the back and find exactly what pages contain your fetish if it’s in the book.  Even if you’re not looking through the index in a horn-dog-ish manner, it’s still good for a laugh with phrases like “making a mini Jackson Pollock (male orgasm): 4, 37, 44, 68…” or “prostitution: throughout.”  This sense of humor is scattered nicely all through the book with witty one-liners and other funny moments from X’s observations and experiences.

1260_originalThe book was written in the 90s but was made into a movie in 2006.  The book is, of course, better (they almost always are if you have a good imagination even with hottie Derek Magyar as the lead actor), but the movie wasn’t bad as far as gay movies go.  I’m not going to sugar coat it: anyone that’s watched enough gay films knows that the good ones are few and far between, and for the most part all you’re hoping for is a good sex scene between the two hottest actors in the movie.  Still, if you enjoy the book, the movie is worth a watch when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night.  It’s not great literature or good filmography, nothing that you’ll want to talk about at pretentious parties.  I wouldn’t give either the movie or the book a five star rating, but Boy Culture doesn’t pretend to be bigger than what it is: honest dirty entertainment.

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Already Can’t Wait For Archer Season 5

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2013-01-06-archerThe spy cartoon comedy Archer just ended its fourth season with a two-part finale that finds the ISIS team on a mission to the depths of the sea.  I have to say I’m a little worried that the writers might be running out of original ideas.  There have been several repeated stories this season; Archer went missing from ISIS again, Ray ended up in a wheelchair for the third time, and this is the second two-part season finale that finds the team tricked into going on a mission that doesn’t pan out like it should have.

Sea_Tunt_Pt_2_StillDespite the repetition, the show maintains its humor and leaves the writers with plenty of new material for the next season.  Just as our ISIS agents are escaping after guest start Jon Hamm’s character Captain Murphy is fatally injured by a vending machine “just like the gypsy woman said,” we get a game changing reveal.  A lot of you watching probably guessed it from the vomiting and Archer’s commentary about her bigger boobs and mood swings, but the reveal of Lana’s pregnancy via a sperm donor gives us something new to look forward to for her character.

Based on Cyril’s reaction to the news, it’s probably safe to assume that their relationship will be over in Season 5, which gives Lana and Malory (Archer’s mother) more in common.  Whether they choose to come back to the show with Lana’s baby already born or with her in the middle of the pregnancy, that character arch has a lot of potential. During the pregnancy reveal Archer has one of his few moments of selflessness, ready to risk brain damage or potential death to protect Lana.  As Archer drowns he says what sounds like a gargled “I love you” to Lana, which isn’t mentioned again during the episode.  Archer doesn’t waste any time after his revival reverting back to his old cocky self.  Still, it leaves me wondering if there will be any changes to the Archer-and-Lana dynamic in the fifth season.

Father_Archer_Pam_Nu.jpg.CROP.multipart2-mediumAnother character I look forward to seeing in the next season is Pam.  Even though she was promoted to field agent, she’s done very little with the new position so far.  Season 5 might be her time to shine, especially if Lana is benched due to her condition or if Ray is in a wheelchair for good this time.  Pam’s character and career growth are definitely worth following.

Archer-castWith Season 4 wrapping up Archer shows no sign of slowing down; they’ve already been approved for Season 5 and have submitted the show for an Emmy in the Outstanding Comedic Series category.  Second only to The Walking Dead in male demographic ages 18-34, it would surprise me more if Archer didn’t make it as a finalist. Win or lose, the ratings are only growing as more people are hearing about the show and checking out past episodes on Netflix where it’s easy to get sucked into watching a whole season before you even know it.  I’ll probably end up rewatching the entire series again while I eagerly wait to see what is in store for Season 5.

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TeeFury: New Shirts Daily!

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tee-fury-logoAs we all know, it’s a bit of a fashion faux pas to show up wearing the same thing as someone else when you go to an event.  You risk an impromptu “who wore it best” contest, unless you’ve got the skills to make your own clothes or money to buy custom made anything.  Okay so maybe you’re not a celebrity and this doesn’t really concern you while you walk around in your t-shirt and jeans.  But if you’re anything like me you’re probably not thrilled to be the matching t-shirt guys at the party either.  The minds behind TeeFury have come up with a way to drastically limit the chances of you loosing your sense of originality by running into a t-shirt copycat.

148972-teefury-whatleaf1TeeFury brings you a new design every 24 hours, usually for around $11. Every night the site has a Cinderella moment, that’s right when the clock strikes twelve (Eastern Standard Time), when the magic of that design is over.  There is a bit of a loop hole: if you’re lucky and can catch the shirt in the After Hours section you can still scoop it up for a few extra dollars.  But once the design hits the gallery section it’s all over and that design will never be sold on TeeFury again.  It can be a little hit-or-miss finding a shirt that you want since they only post one shirt a day, but going through the gallery will give you an idea of the type of designs they offer.  Hopefully you have fast decision making skills for when you see a shirt you do like.

top_slaterock_supermanWhen you think about the price of most limited edition shirts, $11 sounds like it might be too good to be true.  There is of course the $3 shipping charge since they are an online company and there’s no store where you can go buy the shirt in person.  Still, $14 dollars isn’t bad for a limited edition tee.  The designs get printed using “state-of-the-art screen printing” on high-quality, regular-fit tees made of 100% ring-spun cotton.  That should put your mind at ease that this isn’t some guy in his garage using a hot iron to transfer prints onto the t-shirts.

1312319037_TEEFURY_HappyModelsSimilar to Threadless, TeeFury gets its designs from online artist submissions.  TeeFury is very artist friendly when it comes to their designers: each artist receives $1 for every tee sold with their design on it.  This seems pretty fair considering that the artist also retains the rights to their design.  So not only are you getting a payday, an ego boost, and artistic exposure when your design gets featured on this site, but you’re not losing anything either.  And if you want to continue working with your design TeeFury won’t stop you from going wherever you want next.  Staying up to date on their next shirt is also really easy if you have a twitter account because they post daily descriptions of each new design.  And remember, for a chance to be unique and for a new design with TeeFury, there is always tomorrow.

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The Tragic Story of Jackson Pollock

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Jackson-Pollock-9443818-1-402When you’re viewing a Jackson Pollock painting there’s always at least one person in the room thinking, “This is art?  I could do this!”  That is, if that person isn’t already you.  I’ll admit that I too am guilty of thinking it.  After all, when you break it down, he is most famous for dripping paint on canvases.  But isn’t that the point?  He’s FAMOUS for that.  Not only did he reach fame in his lifetime, something so many of us want but so few of us achieve, he is now recognized as the figurehead of the abstract impressionism movement.

pollock.number-8Although his most famous work was made during his “drip period” between the late 1940s and early 1950s, he had a great deal of artistic influence in his life before this point.  He first followed his brother Charles, who was also an artist, to New York City in 1930.  Soon after he began studying under Thomas Hart Benton and became so close that the Bentons became like a second family to Pollock.  After the death of his father in 1933, Pollock began to sink into alcoholism.  He alienated his brother after taking an ax to a painting that Charles had scheduled for an upcoming exhibition.

A few years before meeting his wife he sought treatment for alcoholism from different psychiatric professionals.  It didn’t help, and Pollock continued to struggle with alcoholism for the rest of his life until he died in a car accident in 1956 at the young age of 44.  His marriage to Lee Krasner, also a contemporary artist, was rocky toward the end, as were many of his relationships.  For a brief time after their marriage Krasner was a stabilizing influence for him.  The couple moved to the Springs area of East Hampton, NY, where Pollock converted a barn into his private studio.  This artist’s space is where he developed his “drip” style of painting.  He would place the massive canvases on the ground and use an assortment of different objects to pour or drip paint onto the blank slate, seemingly at random.

Jackson-Pollock-9443818-2-402As his new painting grew popular, LIFE magazine did a four-page spread on Pollock in which they were quoted asking, “Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?”  The article contributed to the selling out of his shows making Pollock the best-paid avant-garde painter in America at the time.  His fame was further boosted when documentary photographer Hans Namuth took an interest in filming Pollock as he worked.  But the attention didn’t help his stress or alcoholism; he felt like a performing monkey in front of the camera.

Sadly before his death, his drinking drove Krasner to Paris to give him space.  He died while she was away but she returned to bury him and manage his remaining paintings.  She continued with her own work during this time, and before passing 20 years later, she created the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.  As an organization meant to give grants to young, promising artists, the Foundation works to create a positive legacy to follow Pollock and his paintings after his tragic life.

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PS Jackson Pollock style nails! Who needs a salon.

New Waking Jordan Album In May!!

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logo_waking-jordanI’m still not a master when it comes to Twitter.  I always have trouble limiting my thoughts to 140 characters.  But last week I finally found a use for my social media ineptitude when I stumbled upon a new band.  Well technically they found me; for a few days now the band Waking Jordan has been following me.  Checking in with twitter yesterday I notice this is no longer the case, but I thought I’d give them a shout out since I looked up their music after this small interaction.

The modern rock group is based out of Boise, ID, and has been creating music together since March 2011 according to their Facebook page.  The band name Waking Jordan comes from the brother of two of the band members.  In a YouTube video talking about the origin of the band name, Jordan Potter (the band’s name sake) is given the title of “inspiration.”  The short video really highlights the bond between brothers Braden, Kelly, and Jordan Potter and gives fans a look into the heart of the band’s music.

EJCFWUZARFRD-largeWaking Jordan’s debut album, Good Enough, was released on iTunes a little over a year ago.  The band currently has “Something More,” one of the songs off that album, available to download for free on their website.  The group also released a single, “Bury Me,” on iTunes in Dec 2012.  At the time they released Good Enough, the band was a trio made up of Kelly Potter as lead vocal and drums, a rare combination as far as I’ve seen, Braden Potter as keyboardist and backup vocals, and Steven Kent as the guitarist.  Since then the band has added Kaleb Hundersmarck as the drummer, allowing Kelly to focus solely on vocals.

mqdefaultAlong with Kaleb the band also introduced fans to Trent Koritansky, their new bassist featured in a side video recorded while producing the video for the song “I Don’t Need You.”  That video is set to release alongside the band’s next album in May 2013.  You can keep up with the Waking Jordan on their website, Facebook, or Twitter for updates about their sophomore album.  After watching videos for the band’s original songs as well as covers on YouTube, I am eager to see what they’ll do next.  The video for my favorite song by them so far, “Bury Me,” accompanied a $1,000 raffle.  Unfortunately for any of you thinking “OMG $1,000,” the prize has already gone to one lucky Waking Jordan fan, but you have to admire the brilliance of using a cash prize contest to build hype.  They are definitely proving to be a band to watch.

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Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine In A Word: Delicioso!!

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logo_gI’ve been back from my vacation to South Florida for only a week now and I already miss the food.  Yes of course I miss being five minutes from the beach and knowing the back roads to everywhere to avoid tourists.  But I still haven’t found a place in Orlando that serves good Cuban food.  I guess growing up so close to North Cuba, some people call it Miami, has spoiled me a bit when it comes to the cuisine from this particular culture.  I almost cried when I asked someone where to get good Hispanic food here in Central Florida and he said to me “I like Pollo Tropical.”

Luckily I still have family and friends in South Florida that give me plenty of excuses to visit on long weekends.  Shout out to everyone I love down there!  If it weren’t for all of you, I might have to actually pay for a hotel when I go down to visit my one real love, the breaded chicken fillet.  I’m just kidding.  Mostly.  Really though, if you have a chance to go to the Hollywood, FL area and are looking for a great meal, you should check out Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine.

slide1Don’t let the fact that they are a chain fool you.  Las Vegas is still a family owned and operated business.  The Vilariño family came to Florida in 1980 and started their first restaurant at their Hollywood 441 location in 1984.  Today they serve authentic Cuban cuisine at 13 different locations across SoFla.  My family and I lived closest to their original location.  You can see pictures of the Vilariño family on the back wall sharing their history with the customers.

photo-2In all my trips to Las Vegas I’ve never been disappointed by the food.  If you’ve never been and aren’t sure what to try let me give you a little break down of my favorites.  For an appetizer go with the Mariquitas, which are fried plantain chips, or Empanadas, which are meat-stuffed pastries.  Both are fantastic.  The garlic sauce served with the Mariquitas is so good you’ll want to use the complimentary bread to soak up any that’s left over, and you can’t go wrong with either choice of chicken or ground beef for the empanadas.

When you hit your main course they divide the entrees into sections based on the type of meat used.  I tend to favor the chicken and beef sections but I’ve never heard a complaint from anyone that ordered a pork meal.  Also, for the convenience of everyone involved, the meals are all given numbers.  If you’re not feeling overly adventurous, the Chicken Fillet is a simple chicken breast flattened out and cooked till golden.  All of the meals are served with white rice, black beans, and sweet plantains.  But if you’re not really into one of those options they have other sides to substitute.  I don’t care for sweet plantains so I usually sub them for French fries, which I know is “so American” of me, but even their French fries aren’t like the fast food fries you’ve tried in the past.

Dessert isn’t usually my thing when I go out. I like to bake my own desserts but when ever I go with family no matter how full we get on the main course my mom always gets a flan to go. Overall I can summarize this restaurant with one thought: they’re absolutely amazing.  But don’t just take my word for it, plan a trip to south Florida and try it yourself.

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The Lincoln/Kennedy Conspiracy!

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Abraham_Lincoln_seated,_Feb_9,_1864There’s this post floating around Facebook that caught my eye the other day so I thought I’d give it a mention: the Abraham Lincoln/John F Kennedy Coincidences post.  With how popular Abraham Lincoln’s been getting in the past couple years, two in-theater movies, one b-movie, and quite a few books featuring Lincoln as the lead role, I’m not really surprised that something usually reserved for conspiracy theory forums has found its way into mainstream social media.  And I want to say this before I go any further: I’m not taking this post too seriously; it’s just facebook guys.

So let’s check these coincidences out shall we?  Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.  Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.  Lincoln was elected President in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960.  Both dates are exactly 100 years apart.  Sounds like an interesting coincidence right?  Some people say that since the first dates line up to 100 years apart it isn’t strange that the second dates line up the same.  But JFK was pretty young as far as a presidency is concerned, couldn’t he just as easily spent a little more time building up his career before running for office after he reached the average age of a presidential candidate?  And 100 years is totally enough time for Lincoln’s soul to be rebooted into a new person with a political pedigree.

220px-JohnFKMoving further down the list, both names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters, both men were particularly concerned with civil rights, both wives lost children while living in the White House, both men were shot on a Friday, and both were shot in the head.  Let’s break these down.  Seven letters is close to average for a surname, what politician doesn’t have an opinion on civil rights, I’ve got nothing for the dead children thing except some distasteful dead baby jokes, there’s a one in seven-day chance that the day you get shot in the head will be a Friday too, and if you’re planning to assassinate someone shooting them in the head is a pretty good way to guarantee the job gets done. None of these seem like a big deal individually, but that’s the whole point of the list: compiled they make you start to think, right?

AssassinsOkay skipping around a bit and speeding right through: both were assassinated by southerners, both were succeeded by southerners, both successors were named Johnson, Andrew Johnson was born in 1808, and Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.  So put together in this way I could give you a really crazy conspiracy theory involving evil vice presidents plotting against their presidents, and then throw in a dash of reincarnation, but let’s be honest, you’ve all already reached the same conclusion right?  I mean it’s so obvious that Andrew Johnson got a fellow southerner to kill Lincoln.  Then when Lincoln was reborn as Kennedy, Andrew Johnson came back from the dead, got plastic surgery, took on the name Lyndon (keeping the last name Johnson switching his birth year from18 to 19 so he wouldn’t get too confused.  Plus he’s a zombie now so that probably happens easily), and built a political career so that he could get a new southerner buddy to kill Kennedy/reincarnated Lincoln in the hopes that he’d stay dead this time.  Are you still following me?

So both assassins are known by their three names and both names total fifteen letters each, which pretty *wink wink nudge nudge* of the aliens that put the conspiracy into motion, isn’t it?  I’m glad you noticed it too.  Also, Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse and Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.  Obviously one of them got the aliens’ message backwards.  Both were assassinated before their trails, of course, because the aliens didn’t want them testifying.  The other coincidences on the original conspiracy list that’s floating around the internet turned out to be inaccurate, especially the last one.  A month before Lincoln was assassinated, he was in Monroe Maryland.  A month before Kennedy was assassinated he was in Marilyn Monroe.  I hope that last part isn’t true because that would make Kennedy a fan of necrophilia; Marilyn sadly died over a year before Kennedy.  But the sexy play on words gave us a laugh which is all we’re really looking for from this post.

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Shel Silverstein: Anything Can Happen, Childen

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Shel+Silverstein+PNGAs a birthday present to my sister I told her she could pick one of the subjects that I write about this week and here it is: Shel Silverstein!  Honestly I’m a little surprised that I hadn’t thought to write about him sooner because Silverstein is one of my favorite writers.  Although he is best known for his children’s books, his talents extended far beyond the fun-filled poems and cartoons that occupy the pages of his books.  Reading through the About Shel section on his website reveals just how talented he was, but even the bio can’t completely cover the career of the uniquely brilliant Shel Silverstein.

474-1Before he ever wrote his internationally known children’s books, Shel was published in magazines including Look, Sports Illustrated, and This Week.  He became one of Playboy’s lead cartoonists, appearing in the magazine from 1957 to the mid-1970s.  While working with Playboy he composed 23 installments called “Shel Silverstein Visits…” which were his own experiences at different locations drawn out in a sketchbook format.  These works were later collected and published as Playboy’s Silverstein Around the World with a foreword from Hugh Hefner.  The book Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book was an expansion of his work with the magazine and was labeled with “A Primer for Adults Only.”  To keep people from mistaking it as a children’s book he used the name Uncle Shelby when he first started writing for a younger audience.

Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back, Silverstein’s first children’s book, was published in 1963.  Within the next year he published both A Giraffe and a Half, a cute story featuring zoo animals, and The Giving Tree, a bittersweet story about a boy and a tree that loved him for his whole life.  According to his bio it actually took him four years to get The Giving Tree published because of the sad ending.  But Shel refused to change the ending because “life, you know, had pretty sad endings. You don’t have to laugh it up even if most of my stuff is humorous.”  After it was finally published the book was widely embraced by both adults and children.

9780060256739Silverstein’s greatest accomplishment in his work with children’s books was probably A Light In The Attic.  This was the first children’s book to make it onto the New York Times Bestseller List and further break records by staying there for 182 weeks.  But like I said earlier, Silverstein’s accomplishments weren’t secluded to only magazines and children’s books.  He’s an award winning songwriter as well.  Probably the most notable song he wrote was “A Boy Named Sue” for Johnny Cash.

If you never read Silverstein as a child it’s never too late to start.  His poems don’t have an age limit.  They’re a great way to let your inner child back out.  Whether it’s a silly poem like “Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too” or a life lesson you hope to teach your own children like in “Listen to the Mustn’ts,” Shel Silverstein’s books stay relevant even today.

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Nathan Lane Hits Boardway Again With The Nance!

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1.163595It’s Thursday, so it’s just another day that I wished I lived in New York City.  In all seriousness I totally want to pull a Freaky Friday with anyone that has tickets to go see the new Broadway show The Nance.  From all the synopses, videos, and reviews that are posted online I just can’t get enough of this new show.  Set in the 1930’s, it takes a stock character from classic burlesque shows and makes that role the lead.  The nance was stereotypically an effeminate and campy homosexual character that provided comedic double entendre in these burlesque productions.  The play delves into the personal life of one who doesn’t just play gay on stage, but also has to hide his lifestyle in a time when being gay could be life-threatening.

Nathan Lane photographed at Orso restaurant, NYCAfter two years away, Nathan Lane is making his return to Broadway for the lead role of Chauncey Miles in The Nance.  According to the Internet Broadway Database this will be Lane’s 19th production, previously staring in plays like Guys and Dolls, The Odd Couple and The Producers (both the play and the movie).  Lane has won two Tony Awards, the first for his role in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the second for The Producers.  Before winning either he was honored with a nomination for his role in Guys and Dolls.  As successful as he is on Broadway, he’s even more well-known for his work in movies and television.  The Lion King, The Birdcage, and The Producers are just the tip of the iceberg for Nathan Lane’s film career.

5.184669During an interview Douglas Carter Beane, the writer of The Nance said that for the most part he was keeping Nathan Lane in mind as he wrote the main character.  As you can expect from Lane there will be a lot of great moments during the play that make you laugh, but the cast says you may be surprised to find yourself crying just as hard.  Ultimately the play’s premise is a dramatic love story between Lane’s character, Chauncey, and Ned, played by Jonny Orsini in his Broadway debut.  Ten-time nominee and three-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien brings a little bit more prestige to the production as he takes on the role of director for the play.  Though Lane and O’Brien have been friends for a long time this will be their first time working together.

The play started previews in March but will open officially in the Lyceum Theater on April 15.  Ticket prices range from $37.00-132.00, bringing in about 53% of its projected maximum amount.  According to the New York Times Arts Beat this is a healthy number for a play in its first weekend.  Hopefully these numbers will only improve as The Nance moves out of previews.  All I know for sure is that I wish I could be in NYC for opening week.

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