Kreepy Tiki Tattoos!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

IMG_2406My siblings and I recently got new tattoos together, one of our more interesting bonding experiences.  This only makes the second tattoo for me, but my brother and sister are both a few tattoos ahead in the count.  She’s up to four now and he has a grand total of fifteen.  None of us are ready to stop; in fact, my sister has already picked out her next design.  Our most recent additions, as well as a few of their previous tattoos, have come from a shop called Kreepy Tiki Tattoo Lounge & Boutique down in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

IMG_2398Having only two of my own I can’t say I’ve been to a lot of different tattoo parlours, but I view that as a good thing.  It can be hard to find a place where you feel comfortable when needles are involved.  I mean, you wouldn’t go into any random place for a check up just because it says doctor on the building, would you?  Walking into Kreepy Tiki I felt comfortable almost immediately.  The store has an artsy-punk atmosphere in the entryway, and there’s also a lounge/bar area to the right.

IMG_2407A lot of the tattoo artists that work for Kreepy Tiki are also artists in other mediums.  The backroom where they’ve set up their tattoo stations also acts as a gallery for their paintings.  I found several cool pieces adorning the walls.  Even though there are a few different artists’ work hanging in this backroom it all feels like a well thought out gallery show.  There’s an overall feeling of iconic imagery meeting a wonderful mix horror and glamour to the work on display.  I feel like looking at their work gives me some insight into their personal style.  The fact that I liked the works made me even more comfortable with the idea of them putting something permanent on me.

Though we all got our tattoos done by the same artist, Adam Forero, the rest of the artists there were just as amiable as he was.  It was easy to make conversation and feel like you could be friends with the artists here rather than it being a cold transaction of ink for cash.  They definitely know how to make a personal relationship with their customers and really that’s the way to do it to attract repeat business.  And when we all have our next design ideas ready, this is where my siblings and I will be taking them.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


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