Hemlock Grove Isn’t the Hit Horror We Hoped.

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

72871_378467162267989_396630425_nAs much as I like the idea of television expanding to the internet, I will admit that it doesn’t always work for the best.  I’m not thrilled with Netflix exclusive series Hemlock Grove. (Take this as a blanket spoiler alert for the post: if you’re going to watch the show, get it over with before reading on.) Excitement started building when I watched the preview leading up to the show’s release on April 19, 2013.  All the right pieces were there: actors that have had real movie roles, special effects, gore, sex, and secrets, but they never really come together for me in this series.  Though I can say I appreciated one of the goriest werewolf transformations I’ve seen, and Famke Janssen’s role as the queen bitch who always wears white, not much else in the series impressed me.

2222952Unlike network television shows that are released one episode at a time to get you hooked and have you coming back every week, Netflix released the full season all in one go.  I’m not sure this was the best idea.  While yes, Netflix fans love the ability to hunker down and blow through a whole season of a show in one weekend, I feel this wasn’t the best way to keep the show in people’s minds.  But whether or not this strategy helps, hurts, or even affects the show, there are other problems to be considered.

For starters, the show feels completely uneven, never really finding a focused balance between the murders that happen throughout the season and building the characters through subplots.  Worse still, it feels like there’s too much happening in the last two episodes, like they were trying to wrap up all the subplots just in case they don’t come back for another season.  Between finding the murderer, giving birth to an “angel baby,” learning what Roman and Olivia Godfrey actually are, and the death of about half the cast, I easily found myself thinking, “What the hell just happened?”

tumblr_mlkee1mv6t1snsdmlo1_500Only two reasons come to mind when I think of why anyone would be able to finish all 13 episodes.  Either they are a completest like me who has to finish something once they’ve started, or out of fan-love of one of the actors.  The actors aren’t the only ones to blame for my lack of interest with this world; it’s clear that there were problems with the writing.  For one thing, in the final showdown our two “heroes” turn out to be completely useless, leaving it to sweet but unfortunately deformed sister Shelley Godfrey to come barreling in to save the day (don’t ask me how she knew where they were to save them), only to be mistaken for the killer and shot twice by the local sheriff who also came out of nowhere.  There must have been a sign in town that said “the killer will be fighting two bumbling-would-be heroes at this address, someone please intervene for the sake of the pregnant girl who’s going to die in child birth anyway.”  Hopefully Netflix steps it up with whatever they’ve got planned next.

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