Olly Murs Headed for International Superstardom!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

packshot-rprt-deluxe-400Last week iTunes released the US version of Olly Murs’ album Right Place Right Time.  Up till now anyone that isn’t actively seeking Olly has probably only heard his song “Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida).”  It can honestly be mistaken for a Maroon 5 song if you’re not listening carefully.  When it was just the “Troublemaker” single on the market here in the states I was almost ready to write Olly off as an Adam Levine wannabe without all the sexy tattoos.  But now that I’ve had a chance to get a better look at Murs’s work, it’s clear that while Maroon 5 might be one of his many influences, Olly Murs isn’t just a knock off.

316994_10150849689835080_297643705079_21218348_2014066281_nThe US version of Right Place Tight Time is a little different from the UK version.  While this is his debut album here in the states, it is his third across the pond.  The album contains 14 fun pop songs ready to meet a brand new audience.  But when I was looking into Olly’s past career, I found that four of the songs are actually fan favorites from his previous album In Case You Didn’t Know.  This 2011 album has gone double platinum back in the UK, and the repeated songs on the US version all reached high on the charts when they originally premiered.

olly-murs-instagram-234The other ten songs on the new album are shared on both versions.  And while “Troublemaker” is the first to take a place in the top 20s, I have a feeling it won’t be the only one making a climb up the charts.  Anyone that’s been following Olly since first seeing him on The X Factor (UK) in 2009 had a head start.  He made his debut there with his self-titled album Olly Murs.  Unfortunately for anyone here in the USA that gets struck with Olly fever, his previous work isn’t available on iTunes.  Though if you’re a diehard fan you can always get the CDs via Amazon import.  If this is your plan it might be best to grab the UK version of Right Place Right Time instead of getting it here as there are two songs featured on that version that aren’t available stateside otherwise.

The video for “Troublemaker” has been on Fuse’s Top 20 for a couple weeks now, but a look at the official Vevo for the artist reveals several other videos as well.  My favorite is for his song “Dance With Me Tonight.”  The video really captures the playful personality that UK fans have come to know him for, and he sets up a cute Say Anything-esque routine outside the window of a sexy blonde woman.  If Olly Murs’ US career is anything like his rise to fame in the UK, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more lighthearted videos and hearing more lively music from this guy soon.

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