Hamburger Mary’s Serving You Hot Off The Grill Realness

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

MaryStatueIn downtown Orlando we have one of twelve fabulous US locations of a restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille.  Their slogan is “Eat Drink, and be… Mary!”  And with how delicious their food is it’s almost like a guarantee.  Other than its three locations in Florida and three in California, Mary’s can be found in a few other major US cities and also one location in Berlin, Germany.  Since they started in San Francisco in 1972, Mary’s has been serving delicious burgers in a fun and eclectic atmosphere.

As the restaurant grew into a franchise several of Mary’s fabulous burger joints have come and gone.  Unfortunately, the original Hamburger Mary’s in San Francisco is one of those locations that is no longer with us.  But Mary’s got nothing to worry about here in Orlando as far as I can tell; it’s packed every time I’m there.  The delicious menu is complimented by consistently friendly service and weekly events that draw in the regular crowd and newcomers alike.  Here in Orlando we have a HamBingo Tuesdays, Trivia Wednesdays, a Cabaret show Saturday, and Broadway Brunch Sundays.  Other locations are known for events like MaryOke and live DJs.

photo-9The one thing every Mary’s has in common is the delicious food.  Their burgers are always fresh and made-to-order on a bakery-fresh bun.  Don’t worry if you’re not a Angus-beef fan, at most locations you can substitute a turkey burger, homemade black been patty, or chicken breast on your burger.  While the menu might change from location to location, my favorite, “Buffy the Burger Slayer,” and a few other popular items are standards that you can expect at every Hamburger Mary’s.  Even though hamburger is right in the name you can find plenty more when you eat at Mary’s.  There is a full lunch and dinner menu with delicious “AppeTeazers,” soups & salads, sandwiches & wraps, and desserts.

On my most recent trips to Hamburger Mary’s I’ve tried a few different things on the menu and I’ve still never been disappointed.  Mary’s Ta-Ta’s (tater tots), which can be loaded with beacon and cheese, are a must when I go with my sisters.  The other appetizer that’s great, especially if your party all wants something different, is Mary’s Handbag, a sampler of four of the appetizers in one.  While my favorite burger is the Buffy burger, recently they had a specialty burger called the Pizza burger that was amazing as well.  A couple other items that make great entrees if you’re not feeling like a burger are the Bird of Paradise (a delicious turkey sandwich with bacon and melted cheddar cheese.  Need I say more?) and the chicken tender wrap (again featuring bacon, yum!).

photo-11If you still have room after you’ve no doubt torn through the appetizer and entrée, the classic fried Twinkies are always a fun novelty to indulge in.  But the Mary Tyler S’mores are the way to go as long as you don’t have any accident-prone friends dining with you.  If you do, maybe you just shouldn’t let them get to close to the fire.  That’s right, you get to make your s’mores with an open flame at your table!  If that doesn’t sounds like a fun and delicious way to end the night then maybe having your check brought in a tiny red high-heel will put a smile on your face as you wrap up your entertaining and delicious evening.

photo-7Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy  In The Heart Shades

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