Already Can’t Wait For Archer Season 5

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2013-01-06-archerThe spy cartoon comedy Archer just ended its fourth season with a two-part finale that finds the ISIS team on a mission to the depths of the sea.  I have to say I’m a little worried that the writers might be running out of original ideas.  There have been several repeated stories this season; Archer went missing from ISIS again, Ray ended up in a wheelchair for the third time, and this is the second two-part season finale that finds the team tricked into going on a mission that doesn’t pan out like it should have.

Sea_Tunt_Pt_2_StillDespite the repetition, the show maintains its humor and leaves the writers with plenty of new material for the next season.  Just as our ISIS agents are escaping after guest start Jon Hamm’s character Captain Murphy is fatally injured by a vending machine “just like the gypsy woman said,” we get a game changing reveal.  A lot of you watching probably guessed it from the vomiting and Archer’s commentary about her bigger boobs and mood swings, but the reveal of Lana’s pregnancy via a sperm donor gives us something new to look forward to for her character.

Based on Cyril’s reaction to the news, it’s probably safe to assume that their relationship will be over in Season 5, which gives Lana and Malory (Archer’s mother) more in common.  Whether they choose to come back to the show with Lana’s baby already born or with her in the middle of the pregnancy, that character arch has a lot of potential. During the pregnancy reveal Archer has one of his few moments of selflessness, ready to risk brain damage or potential death to protect Lana.  As Archer drowns he says what sounds like a gargled “I love you” to Lana, which isn’t mentioned again during the episode.  Archer doesn’t waste any time after his revival reverting back to his old cocky self.  Still, it leaves me wondering if there will be any changes to the Archer-and-Lana dynamic in the fifth season.

Father_Archer_Pam_Nu.jpg.CROP.multipart2-mediumAnother character I look forward to seeing in the next season is Pam.  Even though she was promoted to field agent, she’s done very little with the new position so far.  Season 5 might be her time to shine, especially if Lana is benched due to her condition or if Ray is in a wheelchair for good this time.  Pam’s character and career growth are definitely worth following.

Archer-castWith Season 4 wrapping up Archer shows no sign of slowing down; they’ve already been approved for Season 5 and have submitted the show for an Emmy in the Outstanding Comedic Series category.  Second only to The Walking Dead in male demographic ages 18-34, it would surprise me more if Archer didn’t make it as a finalist. Win or lose, the ratings are only growing as more people are hearing about the show and checking out past episodes on Netflix where it’s easy to get sucked into watching a whole season before you even know it.  I’ll probably end up rewatching the entire series again while I eagerly wait to see what is in store for Season 5.

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