TeeFury: New Shirts Daily!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

tee-fury-logoAs we all know, it’s a bit of a fashion faux pas to show up wearing the same thing as someone else when you go to an event.  You risk an impromptu “who wore it best” contest, unless you’ve got the skills to make your own clothes or money to buy custom made anything.  Okay so maybe you’re not a celebrity and this doesn’t really concern you while you walk around in your t-shirt and jeans.  But if you’re anything like me you’re probably not thrilled to be the matching t-shirt guys at the party either.  The minds behind TeeFury have come up with a way to drastically limit the chances of you loosing your sense of originality by running into a t-shirt copycat.

148972-teefury-whatleaf1TeeFury brings you a new design every 24 hours, usually for around $11. Every night the site has a Cinderella moment, that’s right when the clock strikes twelve (Eastern Standard Time), when the magic of that design is over.  There is a bit of a loop hole: if you’re lucky and can catch the shirt in the After Hours section you can still scoop it up for a few extra dollars.  But once the design hits the gallery section it’s all over and that design will never be sold on TeeFury again.  It can be a little hit-or-miss finding a shirt that you want since they only post one shirt a day, but going through the gallery will give you an idea of the type of designs they offer.  Hopefully you have fast decision making skills for when you see a shirt you do like.

top_slaterock_supermanWhen you think about the price of most limited edition shirts, $11 sounds like it might be too good to be true.  There is of course the $3 shipping charge since they are an online company and there’s no store where you can go buy the shirt in person.  Still, $14 dollars isn’t bad for a limited edition tee.  The designs get printed using “state-of-the-art screen printing” on high-quality, regular-fit tees made of 100% ring-spun cotton.  That should put your mind at ease that this isn’t some guy in his garage using a hot iron to transfer prints onto the t-shirts.

1312319037_TEEFURY_HappyModelsSimilar to Threadless, TeeFury gets its designs from online artist submissions.  TeeFury is very artist friendly when it comes to their designers: each artist receives $1 for every tee sold with their design on it.  This seems pretty fair considering that the artist also retains the rights to their design.  So not only are you getting a payday, an ego boost, and artistic exposure when your design gets featured on this site, but you’re not losing anything either.  And if you want to continue working with your design TeeFury won’t stop you from going wherever you want next.  Staying up to date on their next shirt is also really easy if you have a twitter account because they post daily descriptions of each new design.  And remember, for a chance to be unique and for a new design with TeeFury, there is always tomorrow.

photo-4Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart shades

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