New Waking Jordan Album In May!!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

logo_waking-jordanI’m still not a master when it comes to Twitter.  I always have trouble limiting my thoughts to 140 characters.  But last week I finally found a use for my social media ineptitude when I stumbled upon a new band.  Well technically they found me; for a few days now the band Waking Jordan has been following me.  Checking in with twitter yesterday I notice this is no longer the case, but I thought I’d give them a shout out since I looked up their music after this small interaction.

The modern rock group is based out of Boise, ID, and has been creating music together since March 2011 according to their Facebook page.  The band name Waking Jordan comes from the brother of two of the band members.  In a YouTube video talking about the origin of the band name, Jordan Potter (the band’s name sake) is given the title of “inspiration.”  The short video really highlights the bond between brothers Braden, Kelly, and Jordan Potter and gives fans a look into the heart of the band’s music.

EJCFWUZARFRD-largeWaking Jordan’s debut album, Good Enough, was released on iTunes a little over a year ago.  The band currently has “Something More,” one of the songs off that album, available to download for free on their website.  The group also released a single, “Bury Me,” on iTunes in Dec 2012.  At the time they released Good Enough, the band was a trio made up of Kelly Potter as lead vocal and drums, a rare combination as far as I’ve seen, Braden Potter as keyboardist and backup vocals, and Steven Kent as the guitarist.  Since then the band has added Kaleb Hundersmarck as the drummer, allowing Kelly to focus solely on vocals.

mqdefaultAlong with Kaleb the band also introduced fans to Trent Koritansky, their new bassist featured in a side video recorded while producing the video for the song “I Don’t Need You.”  That video is set to release alongside the band’s next album in May 2013.  You can keep up with the Waking Jordan on their website, Facebook, or Twitter for updates about their sophomore album.  After watching videos for the band’s original songs as well as covers on YouTube, I am eager to see what they’ll do next.  The video for my favorite song by them so far, “Bury Me,” accompanied a $1,000 raffle.  Unfortunately for any of you thinking “OMG $1,000,” the prize has already gone to one lucky Waking Jordan fan, but you have to admire the brilliance of using a cash prize contest to build hype.  They are definitely proving to be a band to watch.

photo-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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