Nathan Lane Hits Boardway Again With The Nance!

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1.163595It’s Thursday, so it’s just another day that I wished I lived in New York City.  In all seriousness I totally want to pull a Freaky Friday with anyone that has tickets to go see the new Broadway show The Nance.  From all the synopses, videos, and reviews that are posted online I just can’t get enough of this new show.  Set in the 1930’s, it takes a stock character from classic burlesque shows and makes that role the lead.  The nance was stereotypically an effeminate and campy homosexual character that provided comedic double entendre in these burlesque productions.  The play delves into the personal life of one who doesn’t just play gay on stage, but also has to hide his lifestyle in a time when being gay could be life-threatening.

Nathan Lane photographed at Orso restaurant, NYCAfter two years away, Nathan Lane is making his return to Broadway for the lead role of Chauncey Miles in The Nance.  According to the Internet Broadway Database this will be Lane’s 19th production, previously staring in plays like Guys and Dolls, The Odd Couple and The Producers (both the play and the movie).  Lane has won two Tony Awards, the first for his role in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the second for The Producers.  Before winning either he was honored with a nomination for his role in Guys and Dolls.  As successful as he is on Broadway, he’s even more well-known for his work in movies and television.  The Lion King, The Birdcage, and The Producers are just the tip of the iceberg for Nathan Lane’s film career.

5.184669During an interview Douglas Carter Beane, the writer of The Nance said that for the most part he was keeping Nathan Lane in mind as he wrote the main character.  As you can expect from Lane there will be a lot of great moments during the play that make you laugh, but the cast says you may be surprised to find yourself crying just as hard.  Ultimately the play’s premise is a dramatic love story between Lane’s character, Chauncey, and Ned, played by Jonny Orsini in his Broadway debut.  Ten-time nominee and three-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien brings a little bit more prestige to the production as he takes on the role of director for the play.  Though Lane and O’Brien have been friends for a long time this will be their first time working together.

The play started previews in March but will open officially in the Lyceum Theater on April 15.  Ticket prices range from $37.00-132.00, bringing in about 53% of its projected maximum amount.  According to the New York Times Arts Beat this is a healthy number for a play in its first weekend.  Hopefully these numbers will only improve as The Nance moves out of previews.  All I know for sure is that I wish I could be in NYC for opening week.

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