Forever 21’s Isn’t Just Women’s Fashion! Who Knew?

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

220px-Xxi_foreverA friend and I went shopping recently, not really looking for anything in particular.  It was more like the mall-wandering type of shopping where you go in and out of stores trying on things you can’t afford or would never actually wear.  Basically just having some silly fun while we caught up with each other.  But knowing me, I can’t do something or go somewhere without learning something, and this mall trip was no different.  One of the stores my friend always likes to check out is Forever 21, a store I’ve never taken seriously for myself because I thought it was all women’s clothing.  However, I still gave it a chance since I’ve found accessories I love at Torrid, a strictly women’s store I posted about recently.

forever-21-storeIt turns out this “young women only” aesthetic that most Forever 21 stores give off is a misconception.  While not every one of their stores has a men’s section, the company does make men’s clothing.  I’m sure you can understand my surprise to find out that the men’s line 21 Men even exists.  After all, everything about Forever 21’s stores and website is geared toward their primary customer market of young fashionable women.  If I hadn’t tagged along with my friend I wouldn’t have even seen the men’s section.  21 Men is in its own subsection of the store kind of hidden in the back, at least that’s the case for our Forever 21.  Any guy that’s walking the mall without female company could walk past the store completely unaware that he might find something in there too.

esq-forever-21-intro-062411-xlgAs it stands right now the 21 Men line seems to exist solely so that girls’ boyfriends have something to do while they shop instead of grumbling about how it all looks good on her and would she just buy it and let them get out of here already.  While the men’s line keeps up with the same affordable and trendy fashion standards set by the women’s line, it’s not really going to catch the attention of the average guy as it’s advertised now.  Not that Forever 21 is really hurting from the lack of awareness of their men’s line, but rebranding it or giving it a separate storefront might be a worthwhile investment.  It could also give them a chance to compete with other companies like H&M that started as women’s clothing stores but made the jump to selling for both genders.

The other thing I discovered while in Forever 21 was the affordability of their accessories.  I was aware of the general affordability of the store, and as my friend told me, “it’s a great place to get basic outfit pieces without killing a bank account.”  But even with my friend’s testimonial I was flabbergasted when I saw the price tags on the jewelry.  I mean even at stores like Claire’s where everyone knows that you can find cute things for cheap you won’t find prices like this except on the Claire’s sales rack.  I almost thought that they had left out the 1 at the front of the price when I saw a necklace for $3.80.  Surely this had to be a secret sale or something.  But my shopping companion assured me this was the normal price for jewelry at Forever 21.  I’m not sure if there should be a “caveat emptor” sort of message here since I’ve never shopped there before, but from how much they surprised me in my first visit, why not give them a shot?

photo-1Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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