Hitchcock: A Love Story!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

psychoREX0105_468x461I finally got to watch the 2012 movie Hitchcock.  I’m not usually excited about biographical movies, but when I first saw the preview for Hitchcock it caught my interest because the timeframe is centered around when he was making Psycho, my first Hitchcock film.  I watched it when I was eight while I was staying in a hotel that had a shower curtain.  Luckily my sister made me shower before watching the movie because she knew that there was no way I was going in that shower after seeing one of the most famous stab scenes ever.

hitchcockMy biggest problem with biography movies is that there’s always a moment that I think doesn’t feel true for the person’s life, something that feels like it was just put in because it’s a movie and they need to “wow” the audience.  But despite not knowing a lot about Hitchcock outside of watching his work, this movie felt true.  Something I’ve always heard and agree with about nonfiction is that it’s not about getting everything exactly as it was as long as it feels true for the reader or audience.

hitchcock_ver2I was surprised to find that the film was not just a biography from that period of Hitchcock’s life but also a love story about him and his wife, Alma Reville.  From the preview this love story theme isn’t obvious, but when I checked out the cast list on IMDB it was the first thing written in the movie description.  The focus on the relationship between Hitch (as he is referred to in the movie) and Alma was what really brought the film up to that next level.  Helen Mirren brought such wit and grace to the role of Alma that I think the real Alma Reville would be happy with the portrayal.

215px-Psycho_(1960)The many struggles that the two characters face in the making of Psycho, a film no one else would touch, are very well balanced.  No single problem ever felt too large so that it dominated the film.  Overall I’d say that it was a well done movie.  It even inspired me to go watch Psycho again.  Unfortunately though there aren’t many Alfred Hitchcock films on Netflix; only the 1998 remake of Psycho is available on the streaming video feature so I’m still craving the original from 1960.  But sometime soon I’ll be watching that Hitchcock classic.  Till then maybe checking out the new series Bates Motel will satisfy my psycho cravings.  No matter how that new series does though, I think I’ll always want to go back to the original.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

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