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Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

LOGOI took a trip back to my hometown Hollywood, FL, this week and as I was packing I realized how much of my stuff comes from Blue Q.  From my computer bag and laptop case to the tiny bags and tin boxes I use to hold my accessories, it all comes from this awesome website.  But they do so much more than just make bags. Blue Q is full to the brim with interesting and hip products that will catch your eye, either because it’s gorgeous or because it’s the funniest thing you’ve seen all week.

6a00e554f1ae938833017d413d5adb970c-800wiWhen I think of Blue Q I think of a very specific style: a mix of beauty, sarcasm, and comedy that I love.  Even their Bio page keeps true to this unique style: “Blue Q has been around since Die Hard. The first one. 1988.”  They began with the intention of becoming a lighting company, and even though that never came to fruition there are some paper lanterns available in the site.  Instead of lighting Blue Q designs and produces a wide range of products from bags and boxes to gum and breath sprays.  All of their products carry some sort of witty or funny quality to their labels.  For instance the bags all come with a tag that says “Blue Q Bags – the system for carrying your stuff.”  This style of pointing out the obvious use of a bag is just a small sample of the sarcastic comedy that can be found in the little details of their products.

02_04_13_blueqwipes_6On the subject of little details, Blue Q is one of the few companies I know of that is both dedicated to the details but not wasteful when there is a flaw.  They created a section of their site called Factory Seconds where you can find any product that has even the slightest mistake for half the price of the perfect prints.  I’ve bought a few items from this section and can personally state that they aren’t kidding when they say “a tiny scratch.”  Several of the factory seconds I’ve bought have looked pretty much perfect to me; I was expecting there to be whole sections of the print missing but often times the mistakes are unnoticeable to an untrained eye.

Another great feature of Blue Q is their sales, especially ones like the “Free Stuff” sale going on now until April 7th.  Every so often Blue Q has a sale like this where you get a certain amount of free stuff with a minimum purchase.  For this sale it’s $25.94 worth of free stuff with any purchase of $15.00 or more.  Trust me it’s not hard to reach that $15.00 minimum.  They also have an awesome deal on shipping for any of you that go on a bit of a spree when you shop online: free shipping on orders of $75.00 or more.  Blue Q has also been known to lower the minimum price for free shipping from time to time.  Joining their email list is a sure way to catch these types of deals when they come around.  I hope you all love Blue Q’s style as much as I do.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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