C215 Makes The Invisible Beautiful

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

1675514174_59f8a79770_zI’ve been growing more and more fascinated with street art and spray painting.  I did a quick search for the most successful street artists that are out there right now and came across C215.  C215 is the moniker of Christian Guemy, a Parisian street artist that has his work in cities all over the world now.  He started with his first stencil in 2006, a portrait representing the mother of his child.  Since then his daughter Nina has stayed a focus of his work and her portraits appear on many walls.  She is now a stencil artist in her own right as well.

2427658005_7d8ea0e55dOther than the art inspired by his daughter, C215’s work also focuses on animals, architecture, and those that society tries to hide or overlook like homeless people, orphans, smokers, and others that seem to go on noticed.  According to an interview done by Street Art London, he chooses these subjects because he has “been representing the people that really belong to the street, and kids that have no chance in life.”  The aim is to take the invisible people, animals, and places and not only make them noticeable but beautiful as well.  These subjects hit close to home for him because he was an orphan himself.  He said in a few interviews, “I believe street art can physically change the city and the daily life of the people living in it.”

timthumb.phpEven though he often choses subjects that we don’t always think of as strong or dignified, looking through C215’s work he always manages to bring these qualities out in his portraits.  But you don’t have to roam around the major cities to find this artist’s work.  He also uses his stencils on canvases and other mediums in order to have gallery shows.  His work is very well photographed and can be found on various sites including his personal flickr photostream.  On the About page of his Facebook he lists both his solo and collaborations by year, as well as publications of his work, which includes the books Community Service and the self-titled C215.  One cool feature to this page is the mutli-lingual aspect that really showcases how universal his work is.

As I go through his photostream I can’t help but feel inspired.  C215 is a true artist.  He doesn’t make these stencils and paint them in cities for money, but because it is his passion.  He does it so that we might take notice of something we might otherwise ignore.  Like many artist before him his work aims to impact society, and that’s the drive that makes his art worth noticing.

My Graffiti-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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