Torrid: Where Big Is Always Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

torrid_pinklogo1-500x243Now I know that there is a lot of pressure to be so skinny that you can disappear when you stand behind a lamp, especially in the fashion world.  But jokes aside, the body of a fashion model and the body of the average America simply aren’t the same.  Still so many stores think that it’s as simply as taking the design and making it an extra large for those who aren’t model thin.  I’m sure any of you that need a larger size or know someone who does realize that it’s not that easy.  The clothes that look good on a twig-thin person aren’t going to look right on someone with curves no matter what size you make them.  That’s why today I want to give a shout out to Torrid.

torridMy sisters and I always stop in Torrid when we make a mall trip because their clothing is designed with plus sized women in mind.  They are a division of Hot Topic, Inc., and can boast receiving accolades from both FORTUNE Magazine and Forbes Magazine on different “Best Company” lists.  Torrid describes their collection as “on-trend fashion apparel, lingerie and accessories… inspired by and designed to fit the young, voluptuous woman who wears size 12 and up.”  The Torrid size chart carries sizes 12 to 28 and shows customers where to measure to find their size in the store.

torrid-ad-lrgWhile it’s true that I’d never be able to wear any of the clothing, my sister once challenged me by saying, “you’re not going to find anything for you in here.”  She was joking, but in the spirit of Barney from How I Met Your Mother, I said “challenge accepted” and have been haunting their accessories ever since.  They almost always have something that I love in their jewelry selection.

torrid06As you can probably guess from that story I always have fun when I go shopping.  We all know how much customer service can make or break the shopping experience.  I’m glad to say that my sisters have never had a bad experience while shopping at Torrid.  The sales associates are always eager to greet you as you come in, help find the right size, and tell you what items are on sale, but not in that overly pushy all-they-care-about-is-sales way.  They give you a personalized dressing room by writing your name on the door with a dry-erase marker, and once you’ve started to pick items out they’ll keep them in your dressing room until you’re ready to try on.  Some even offer their honest opinion on how the clothes look on you, which can be really helpful if you need another opinion.

torrid-wanabeTorrid also has a great Internet presence, regularly updating their Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and official website.  If you fit into their target market these are all great ways to check them out before for going into a store.  And a savvy shopper can always find a bargain with their sales and clearance items both on the website and in stores.  So what are you waiting for ladies? Check out Torrid for fabulous clothes designed to show off your beautiful curves.

photo-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


Editor’s note:  I am one of the above mentioned girls who has a hard time finding tops to fit my curves or boots to fit my calves.  Torrid is a God-send. ~C

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