DeviantART: A Modern Artist’s Community!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

deviantart picI’ve been thinking about how art changes with technology.  Art used to consist of an artist creating something like a painting or sculpture, and that original work was one of a kind; that uniqueness is a part of the piece’s value in the world.  There will never be another Mona Lisa or Starry Night.  But with art that is created on a computer and then printed, can we really hold on to that idea of unique value?  I’m honestly not sure.  The fact that the art is now easier to replicate doesn’t make it any less beautiful, but is the first print any more valuable than the 50th or 100th?  This train of thought was derailed when I thought about DeviantART, a website where artists are constantly sharing their art with each other without worry about what it’s worth.

126465413_73254_headerDeviantART is the largest social network for artist and art enthusiasts online today, and like most social networks, it’s free to join.  The site has twenty categories for its artist to contribute to including digital art, traditional art, literature, cartoons/comics/anime, fan art, etc.  The community uploads over 80,000 works daily to its over 26 million members.  While taking the tour I found out that it has members in over 190 countries that can all interact, commenting on work they like, finding other artist to collaborate with, and even selling prints of their work.

deviantART_Wallpaper_by_bschulzeCo-Founders Scott Jarkoff, Angelo Sotira, and Matthew Stephens started the site on August 7, 2000 and are now on Version 7 of the website.  It seems that every one or two years the site upgrades to a new version on DeviantART’s birthday, adding new features and changing to fit the needs of its ever-growing artist community.  But improving the site from the inside isn’t all that they do to stay up to date.  DeviantART has a Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter where it can promote itself and its members.

As the largest art-based social networks and one of the twenty largest social networks in general, this website is a useful resource for many emerging artists to get their start or for art enthusiasts to find new favorite artist to admire.  I can’t help but feel that the site’s size is a double edge blade.  With so many members there is a lot of competition in the print shop.  And from a fan’s point of view that’s a lot to sift through to find a piece of artwork you like.  I’m not saying that it isn’t worth it for all you hopeful artist, but I definitely wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket here.  But whether you’re an artist or art fan the site is a go to for seeing what’s out there and getting inspiration.  Plus if you’ve got a couple hours to kill there are worse ways to spend that time than sampling the work of several different artists.  Whether you make an account to host your own artwork or just hop on to peruse, DeviantART definitely worth checking out.

photo-1Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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