Soon I Will Be Invincible too!

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20090708-comicbookmoviesWith all the comic books of our childhood being turned into movies, and those movies getting sequels left and right, I was intrigued when I saw Austin Grossman’s Soon I Will Be Invincible at a book store.  It’s a super hero book that lets you walk in both the hero and the villain’s shoes.  Grossman doesn’t try to shy away from the clichés of the comic book world in his novel, but instead embraces them with his own take on the epic struggle between good and evil.  Soon I Will Be Invincible is an easy and entertaining read.

invincibleThe chapters are split between the evil genius Doctor Impossible and Fatale, a half woman, half machine warrior hero.  The book starts in the villain’s point of view.  Doctor Impossible, your classic career villain, is in prison for his last losing attempt at world domination.  As he talks about his routine in jail you discover some of his crimes including hypnotizing the president, taking over Chemical Bank, and fighting various heroes and groups that opposed him.  Of course, as you might have guessed, he will escape the prison before long and sets another plan in motion to conqueror the world.

The hero’s side of the story is a little different.  Instead of a well-seasoned character who’s been fighting crime as long as Doctor Impossible has been committing it, Fatale is a rookie hero.  She’s just become a member of the world-famous super team, the Champions.  Readers get an insight to Fatale, following her path towards feeling accepted in the group and feeling her urge to earn her place among heroes that have been saving the world for years.  We also follow her on her way to finding out who made her the way she is after she was almost killed by a hit and run van.

austin-grossmanxWithin the first few pages of the book there are a lot of super people in this reality.  Grossman has thoughtfully picked out the heroes and villains that mattered and cataloged them in the back of the book.  This appendix of characters is cleverly labeled “Selections from the International MetaHuman Database, Third Edition.”   Each hero’s name is accompanied by a quick descriptor (Ex. CoreFire – “World’s Mightiest Hero”) as well as a Bio, list of powers, source of powers, and any additional notes that are relevant to the character.  The same goes for the villains in the “database.”  The heroes are split into groups by the name of the organization they belong to, i.e.: The Champions, The Super Squadron, and The Chaos Pact.  Also in the appendix is “A Selective Time Line of Superhuman History.”  The best part about these features of the book is that they are spoiler free so you can check them out at any point in the story without worry that you’ll learn something the story hasn’t yet revealed.  If you’re a fan of superhero worlds, Soon I Will Be Invincible is definitely worth checking out.

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