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Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

threadless_blackIf you haven’t heard of or checked out, now is the time.  It’s more than just your typical internet store; it’s an online community and a thriving business all at the same time with the two parts interwoven into one brilliant website.  The online community creates, submits, and votes on art to be put on shirts and other products, and then the business end takes the most popular designs and prints it to be sold back to the community and the rest of the world.  It’s really a genius concept when you look at it Beautiful Thinkers.

636x460design_01Co-Founders Jacob DeHart and Jake Nickell started the company with just $1,000 and an idea back in 2000.  They held the first contest in November of that year asking designers on a site called Dreamless to submit designs and vote for which they thought was best.  The winners got two free shirts and a guarantee that all profits from the sale of the shirts would go towards the future contests.  The first batch of shirts went on sale for $12 each in January, 2001.  When the shirts sold out almost immediately, Nickell and DeHart started holding regular competitions.

636x460design_01-3The idea for Threadless grew steadily from there making over $100,000 worth of t-shirts in 2002.  After separating from Dreamless, Threadless began offering cash prizes to the artists that got voted to the top.  At first the prize was only $100 per design, which was fine with most artists.  They were much more excited to see their work being printed.  Now the prize money has grown to as much as $2,500 for the initial winning design and up to $500 for reprints of that design.  As an added bonus, Threadless makes sure to give credit where credit is due by printing the designer’s name on the tag of the shirt.

636x460design_01-5If you’re a freelance artist looking for new places to show your work or just an avid doodler, you could be the next big designer on this site.  There’s even a walk though on their site to make it as easy as possible for new designers to learn the submission process.  They pull anything from truly beautiful art work to just plain weird and funny designs.

If you’re not a designer, just a fan of original art and fun t-shirts, then you don’t have to be a member of the community to buy the designs you like.  While most of their t-shirts cost $20, savvy shoppers can usually take advantage of deals to find fun designs for cheaper prices.  For example, this week they are having a “Tons of $10 Tees” sale with over 400 different designs on discount. (All the pics featured here are available in this sale.)  You have to move fast when you’re shopping here though because once they run out of a size you’ll have to wait till the next printing before you get another chance to buy it.  I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have, I really think they have something for everyone.

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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