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1359046790-hm-logoParis Fashion week just passed with previews of the new fashion lines that will be coming to stores soon.  I wasn’t one of those lucky people rich enough to be there, so I have to settle for stalking the internet for videos of the models giving face and walking their non-existent asses off.  For all of you Beautiful Thinkers that are in the same boat as me, I want to talk about H&M, a clothing store that reminds us that we don’t have to be rich to look good.

One of the top three global clothing retailers, H&M’s mission statement is “fashion and quality at the best price,” a mission that they are fulfilling so far.  While stores like Target are raising prices and bringing in expensive designers, this store still offers the basics for cheap.  I can’t think of anywhere else that I can walk in and find a comfortable fitted t-shirt in a multitude of colors for only $5.95.  Of course they have their pricey items as well, but a savvy shopper can walk out of any one of H&M’s 2,300+ stores with several items all for under $20 total.

1334098299HMIt all started in the 40’s as a Swedish women’s clothing store called Hennes.  Over years of acquiring other companies and expanding to other countries, Hennes became Hennes & Mauritz and then was finally shortened H&M.  Now an international clothing retailer for Men, Women, Teens, and children, it’s clear that the Persson family, founders of the company, know what they’re doing in the fashion business.  Even now they are still growing, opening nearly 60 stores a year and planning on expanding H&M’s online shopping to be available in North America by the summer of 2013.

While it is a bit sad that we U.S. citizens have to wait a little longer to enjoy the comfort of online shopping with H&M, their website still has some great features to check out.  My favorite is the Dressing Room where you can test out looks before going to the store and buying them.  Starting with a model of either sex in their underwear, you can go through all the clothing options picking what you think might look good together and see how much it would cost to buy the finished outfit.  It’s kind of like having a virtual Barbie or Ken that only shops at one store.  Besides the Dressing Room the website has all the expected features like a store locator, ads for newly arriving merchandise, and news about the store.

jimmy-choo-collection-h-m-thumb-560x418The company has also collaborated with many big-name designers and has some celebrity collections.  They currently have a video for the David Beckham Bodywear collection up on the website that features the sexy soccer player chasing a car in his underwear.  These collections are some of the pricier items I mentioned earlier, but I don’t think that this is really going against their mission statement since they don’t eliminate the more affordable items to make room for the celebrity collections.  If you’re looking for a few new items that won’t break the bank, you just might find them at your local H&M retailer.

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  1. Anni3

     /  March 7, 2013

    I knew that H&M was really popular in Europe and HK, so that’s great that it’s starting to expand more in the US! Btw, I never heard about the Dressing Room option, that’s really neat. I should try that out, thanks for the article 🙂

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