Fashism the Instagram of Fashion!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Scenario time Beautiful Thinkers: you’re getting ready for an important job interview (or maybe it’s a hot date) and you want a second opinion on your outfit.  You don’t want to ask your friends because they always tell you that you look good and while you’re confident that you’re gorgeous just by being you, you need to be better than good.  You need to be perfect.  Who do you ask?  The makers of the iPhone app Fashism have come up with your answer.  This app is like what you’d get if you took Instagram, dedicated all the pictures to clothing and accessories, and then told the users to judge each other.

photo-2Finally you can count on someone to tell you that shirt just isn’t your color or those pants cut you in a funny way when you go shopping alone.  After all it’s not like the store sales person is going to tell you that you shouldn’t buy their product.  Looking at the app layout you can definitely see why I made the Instagram comparison.  I mean come on, five boxes at the bottom of the screen with the center one as a camera.  Sounding familiar?  There’re still just enough differences in the app’s function to justify it as its own entity and not simply a knock-off app.  Here’s a better understanding of how it all works:

photoThe “Looks” Tap is wear you can go to give your opinion on other people’s looks. This seems like a pretty good way to waste an hour or two and besides, you’ve got to give a little to get a little right?  Next up the “Nearby” Tab shows you a list or map of stores in your area.  Maybe it’s just my location, or they haven’t had time to get this part completely up to date, but mine only lists four stores.  With the “Post” tag in the center you can take pictures but you can also send out pictures that already exist on your phone.  That was you can get opinions on that iffy coat you wore last week and whether you should ever put it on again.  Your “News” Tab you see the new looks of people you’re following.

In your “Profile Tab” you can review the looks you’ve posted in the past, and comments you’ve made on others’ outfits.  Plus you can view a list of who you’re following and who is follow.  Whether you’re a hardcore fashionista looking to make some sparks with your next look, or you’re just a narcissist that can’t get enough of hearing how good you look, this app is worth killing some time over.

photo-3Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades.

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